How We Hire: Qualities we look for in a Crestwood candidate

We believe in the three C's, Culture, Competency and Commitment.

This mantra has helped us to hire the right folks, and build a strong, connected team. 

What we look for when meeting potential candidates


We look to see how you have handled different situations in order to create and grow a team.  You can tell us about a time when you were in a leadership role, or when you helped your team to victory even if you weren't the official leader. Leadership can take many forms, and we just want to know about yours.


we look for people who have a mix of skills and experience, not just one niche of knowledge. We have also found that a varied background sets our people up for success. Whether you are manning the front desk, managing client accounts or writing custom code, we will want to see your expertise in action and hear about your history and passions.


We have a very educated and credentialed team, but we're not only interested in the degrees and scores.  We want to get inside your head a little (with you as the guide of course) and witness how you think. It's probable that you'll be asked some role-specific questions that illuminate how you think, and problem-solve. So show us your stuff, and don't get tangled up in what the "right" response is. 


It might sound cliche, be we are a team here and the strength of our team rests on each member's willlingness to pitch in and provide help when asked. It doesn't have to be time-consuming or complicated, maybe you just provide a new way of looking at a question, or a quick example of how you used a technique to solve a problem. So we will be looking for examples of your pitch-in nature in the past.

Sense of humor

We have a lot of fun here at Crestwood. Coworkers are always quick with a smile and we share jokes and stories all the time. We poke fun at eccentricies (in a sensitive, nonjudgemental way). Basically, we have a blast.  It is important to us to hire those who recognize the value of humor in everyday interactions. When work gets tough, as it can sometimes, being able to laugh with those in the trenches with you can be what gets you through. 

How we choose the best Three C's candidates

As a growing firm, we've learned that multiple points of candidate contact make for solid hiring decisions. We want both our leadership and supporting team to meet you and interact with you. This way the team can see your your collaboration and communication skills in action!

How we hire

  • Interviews with leadership 
  • Interactions with team in other departments 
  • Team decision makers evaluate candidates 
  • We pick the best Crestwood candidate!

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