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Next Release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Announced (R2)

Posted by Jen Bieker on March 16, 2016

Microsoft has announced that the next update of Dynamics GP will be released and generally available on May 1, 2016.    What’s in the Next Release? Web Client Evolution:  the big news is the HTML 5 Client Interface; which eliminates the need for Silverlight to run the Dynamics GP…

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Change a Group of Assets at Once in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Mike Gordon, CPA, MCP on March 15, 2016

Save time and money by grouping your assets in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Using groups allows you to classify assets by characteristics; which, allows you to perform operations on all the assets in that group at once, such as: Changes Transfers Retiring Depreciate Project depreciation Once you have an asset…

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New & Easy Navigation in Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave Update

Posted by Jen Bieker on March 14, 2016

Thanks for listening to us Microsoft!  If you’re currently using Dynamics CRM, you have probably experienced the headaches with the current navigation. Scrolling over to the right multiple times Losing your spot and the ribbon disappears Doing it again, and again We are most excited for this…

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What’s the Deal with “Sometimes Taxable”?

Posted by Jen Bieker on March 11, 2016

Repost from Avalara:  Just when you thought you had a handle on the rules for taxing goods and services, you come face to face with the new compliance bully on the block: “sometimes taxable.” Businesses must correctly deal with these sometimes exempt and sometimes subject to sales…

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How-To Reverse Depreciate & Partially Retire Assets in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Posted by Sean Casey, MCTS on March 9, 2016

If you use assets and depreciation in Dynamics GP, you are bound to run into an instance when you need to reverse the depreciation on an asset; such as: Incorrect information is set up and it isn’t caught until months later You need to make adjustments to assets,…

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Microsoft Dynamics GP: Be Careful When Running Check Links

Posted by Jen Bieker on March 9, 2016

A Tip from Crestwood Support: Be careful!  Have you noticed that the “Check Links”  utility window and the “Clear Data” utility window in Microsoft Dynamics GP look identical to each other?  Or the fact that they are directly next to…

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave

Posted by Jen Bieker on March 8, 2016

A sneak peek at what’s coming in this release scheduled for Q2 2016 Microsoft announced details surrounding the Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave updates.  The spring wave will become available for Dynamics CRM online customers in Q2 this year, and it will build upon Dynamics CRM 2016 which was released…

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Microsoft Dynamics GP: Mass Modify - Quickly Create New GL Accounts

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on March 4, 2016

Many times, a company will open a new division or department as their business grows.  When that occurs, the Accounting or Finance department will need to create all new General Ledger Accounts for that new division or department.  This can seem like a huge headache and lots of…

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