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Updates, Hot Fixes, & More Updates for Dynamics SL

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 27, 2017

Microsoft has recently released many updates and hot fixes.  If you haven't been keeping up on these, you might want to take a look.  There have been many issues resolved with some of these.  You'll have to log into your Microsoft CustomerSource account.  If…

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Remove Duplicate Contacts in Dynamics CRM – Merge Feature

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 26, 2017

If you have duplicate contacts in CRM – you can merge them together into 1 contact, without losing any of the data associated with either of them.  All notes, activities, and information attached to either, can now be consolidated into just 1 contact. For example, maybe the 2 duplicate contacts have different…

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SQL Table Copy Stored Procedure

Posted by Joe Jacob, Senior Developer on February 26, 2017

Do you ever get tired of typing 'Select * INTO SourceTable02417 FROM SourceTable' to make a quick backup of a SQL Sever table?  I did, so here's a quick and dirty little stored procedure to take care of that manual process. Here's how it works: When you call…

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Finding Emails - Handy Search Tip

Posted by Joe Jacob, Senior Developer on February 26, 2017

Here's a HUGE time-saving tip when searching for an email in Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.   Who, what, and when are the key.  Just follow these simple syntax rules, and you'll be amazed how easy it is to find those emails. Replace Who with FROM: ​Replace…

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Closing Financial Periods in Acumatica

Posted by Melissa Blassingame on February 17, 2017

To prevent transactions from being posted to the wrong period, it is important to remember to close financial periods during your month-end process in Acumatica.  If transactions gets posted to the wrong period, it can affect your financial reports, and that can be disastrous.  We've created a…

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Dynamics GP Web Services Not Working

Posted by Brandon Richards, Implementation Manager on February 16, 2017

Recently, we received a call from a client that their Microsoft Dynamics GP web services stopped working.  Additionally, they weren’t able to get into the Dynamics Security console either.   The Problem: When clicking “Select Applications” the message would appear in the lower left corner …

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Acumatica Version 6.0 AR Parent/Child Enhancements

Posted by Melissa Blassingame on February 13, 2017

If you already have Acumatica, you need to check these out!  If not, send us an email at and see Acumatica for yourself – it’s an amazing system.   In the latest release, Acumatica Version 6.0 there are three enhancements I am excited about. …

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Entering Microsoft Dynamics GP Registration Keys

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on February 13, 2017

Entering your Microsoft Dynamics GP registration keys is an easy task to accomplish, as long as you know where to go and what to do.  Sometimes your Dynamics GP Registration Keys may need updating.  For example, because you have increased your number of licensed users.  Here&rsquo…

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM Online) Portal Functionality

Posted by Christian Hurley on February 9, 2017

Create a 24/7 communication experience for your customers easily and without any development costs - the Dynamics 365 portal. Now available for Dynamics CRM online clients, you can quickly create portals for: Customers Employees Communities Partners Why create a customer portal? Everyone is doing it now days.  You visit any big…

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Dexterity Developer Tip of the Day

Posted by William Schroeder, Director of Development, IT on February 9, 2017

Which dictionary do I use if I have multiple versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP? If you are a Dexterity developer with many alternate Dynamics GP forms in your development dictionary, e.g., your development dictionary is Dynamics GP2013 RTM and the Dynamics GP client application dictionary is GP2013 SP1, which…

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