Five Questions on Scribe Online Training with Crestwood’s Newest Certified Pro, Brandon Richards

Posted by Donna Krizik on May 25, 2017

At Crestwood we are amazed and impressed by the pace of innovation that our publishers are driving.  Today, the Cloud is much more than just a buzzword for our client’s critical business applications. Rather it is now a key technical standard for an ever increasing number of…

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Emailing Customer Invoices & Vendor PO’s from Acumatica

Posted by Melissa Blassingame on May 23, 2017

I help many customers set up email functionality in Acumatica so they can email invoices to customers and PO’s to vendors.  There are 3 basic parts: Properly configure email functionality in Acumatica Set customer properties to receive emails Set vendor properties to receive emails Click on each step…

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Acumatica + Docusign

Posted by Donna Krizik on May 22, 2017

We’re excited about the newest Acumatica feature – electronic signatures with Docusign. It makes it easy for users to create, manage and send documents for signing. You can: Quickly and easily send documents for signature. Create envelopes Manage all of your documents in one place via DocuSign Central. …

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What’s new in Acumatica 6.x – Part I

Posted by Christine Jacob, Client Account Manager on May 10, 2017

Check out all the new, time-saving features in Acumatica 6.x.  No matter what industry you’re in, there’s something new in Acumatica for everyone. Finance Distribution CRM And in the platform Here’s a highlight of Acumatica new features we know you'll want to…

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Acumatica: Using Generic Inquiry Lists as an Entry Point for Maintenance Screens

Posted by Martin Schaefer on May 9, 2017

When you go to look up a customer, vendor or stock item record, or even an AR Invoice or AP Bill in Acumatica, the screens force you to use the magnifying glass button to search for your record.  I feel this isn’t always the quickest way to…

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Fund Transfers in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on May 8, 2017

In the Acumatica Funds Transfers window, you can transfer funds from one cash account to another and include related service charges.  Additionally, you can view the details of the recorded funds transfers. Funds can be transferred between accounts denominated to different foreign currencies. The system performs currency conversion by…

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Creating a Company Tree

Posted by Mike Aichinger on March 17, 2017

When setting up your Acumatica system, you need to make sure you set up a Company Tree.  Why?  Acumatica uses a hierarchy system for escalating items that need approval; such as: Time cards Requests Requisitions Sales orders Purchase orders This hierarchy system in Acumatica is based on the…

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Creating Work Calendars in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on March 17, 2017

There are many instances when you need different calendars for various uses.  For example: A calendar assigned to contract templates Work calendars for 3rd party add-ons for JAMS (Manufacturing) & Payroll Here’s how: Go to:  Organization > Organization Structure > Configure > Work Calendar Once here,…

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Adding a Header Record to an ACH File in Acumatica

Posted by Melissa Blassingame on March 17, 2017

Some banks require additional information in the header section of your ACH file in Acumatica.  Here’s how: Your bank has requested you to add the following to the header of your ACH file: The $$ADD record needs to be added to the Header Record Section of the…

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Closing Financial Periods in Acumatica

Posted by Melissa Blassingame on February 17, 2017

To prevent transactions from being posted to the wrong period, it is important to remember to close financial periods during your month-end process in Acumatica.  If transactions gets posted to the wrong period, it can affect your financial reports, and that can be disastrous.  We've created a…

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