Configuring Acumatica to Handle Incoming Credit Card Payments

Posted by Mike Aichinger on January 3, 2017

Most people, now days use credit cards for purchases.  One of the things Acumatica handles smoothly is the ability to process credit cards.   I'm going to show you how to set up the processing and payment methods for processing credit cards in Acumatica. If…

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2017 Sales Tax Changes Take Effect Jan. 1

Posted by Jen Bieker on December 20, 2016

Repost from Avalara Sales tax doesn’t often make headlines, but soda taxes, marijuana sales, tampon exemptions, and online sales tax did in 2016. That trend is likely to continue in 2017. The New Year will bring new taxes, new exemptions, and renewed efforts by states to implement internet sales taxes.…

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Exploding Detail on a Report in Acumatica with the Analytical Report Manager (ARM)

Posted by Tiffany Bennett, Senior Consultant on November 14, 2016

Here’s a great one for your Acumatica reports.  You can explode, yes explode is what Acumatica calls it too, your account detail out on your reports.  This is helpful when you want to simplify having to set up all that account detail on a report. …

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Consolidating Shipments and Shipping Separately in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on November 10, 2016

Did you know you can save yourself time and money by creating shipments in the Process Orders form in Acumatica?  Quite often, I notice people generally creating shipments using the “Create Shipment” option in the Sales Order form.  However, this action only creates a single shipment…

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Customizing Your Email Messages in Acumatica:

Posted by Mike Aichinger on November 10, 2016

2 Options to Modify Report Notification Messages One of the great features of Acumatica is the ability to email reports to your customers.  For example: Customer Invoices Sales Orders Shipment Confirmations Purchase Orders Great!  However, the tricky part is modifying the verbiage in the emails.  In Acumatica, there…

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Get More Power from Your Acumatica Reports

Posted by Tiffany Bennett, Senior Consultant on November 8, 2016

Statistical Reporting with Acumatica Analytical Report Manager (ARM) Many clients we work with like to track statistical data in combination with their financial information.  This can be a powerful tool for management to track many business measures.  These statistical items can be tracked in a ledger, just like…

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Project Balance Validation in Acumatica

Posted by Melissa Blassingame on October 21, 2016

Do you ever run into either of these project scenarios in Acumatica? The project balance does not match the total on the reports The project balance does not match the total amount of the transactions If so, you just need to validate your project balances.  Here's how: View…

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Vendor Balance Validation in Acumatica

Posted by Melissa Blassingame on October 9, 2016

There are instances, in Acumatica, when you see a document showing an "open" status and it really should be "closed" or you might notice a balance on the Vendor Maintenance screen that does not match the balance in a report.  This is when you need to run the Validate…

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Acumatica Bank Reconciliation: Upload Outstanding Checks and Un-Cleared Deposits from a Legacy System

Posted by Dilip Bordia, Principle Consultant on September 13, 2016

It’s imperative to have the right numbers in your ERP system.  One of the most stressful situations can be making sure everything is accurate and accounted for when switching systems.  Sometimes businesses run parallel for a short period of time to ensure everything matches up. …

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Acumatica Tricks and Tips: Re-planning Back Orders

Posted by Mike Aichinger on September 2, 2016

In Acumatica, you have the ability to create Back Orders for partial shipments of goods. Orders that are a partial shipment will create a back order.  We often get questions on how best to keep track of the back orders.  There are two ways to ensure visibility into…

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