4 ERP software tips for mixed mode manufacturing companies

Posted by Donna Krizik on May 18, 2016

There is an ERP system to match any manufacturing business model. Manufacturers work along a spectrum and the ERP systems on the market also follow this spectrum. But what happens when your manufacturing processes are mixed-mode. In other words, how can your ERP software cope with process production runs, engineer-to-order…

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Profitability Analysis Announced in Acumatica 5.3

Posted by Donna Krizik on May 10, 2016

At the Acumatica Summit 2016 in February, Gabriel Michaud, Director of Product Management discussed the much-anticipated release of Acumatica Cloud ERP 5.3.  The new release builds on existing functionality, enhances native mobile apps, and provides significant performance improvements. Among the capabilities announced were improvements in sales reporting, specifically in terms of…

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Acumatica Universal Search: Helping You Find the Acumatica Window or Screen You Need

Posted by Jeff Williams, Dev Team Mgr on February 11, 2016

Finding the exact screen you are looking for in the navigation menu can be a frustrating task, especially if you are new to the Acumatica system. Thankfully, Acumatica has made this task easier by adding a “Universal Search” capability to the system that’s available on…

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Adding Inquiries to the Acumatica Dashboard

Posted by Mike Aichinger on January 22, 2016

In Acumatica, a dashboard is a collection of widgets that are displayed on a single page to provide information at a glance. What is a widget? Well, in Acumatica, a widget is a small component that delivers a particular type of information that you use or manage.  The following…

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Upgrading Acumatica to a New Version

Posted by Mike Aichinger on January 19, 2016

The guide below is intended to help you upgrade to a new version of Acumatica, or to apply patches or fixes to the current version. *For this example, we will utilize a scenario with fictional company, ABC Unlimited. ABC Unlimited is currently utilizing Acumatica 5.2 (Version 5.20.0718) but would like to upgrade…

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Creating a Purchase Order from a Sales Order in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on January 18, 2016

In Acumatica, if you need to create a purchase order to fulfill a sales order, follow the simple steps outlined below: To begin, you will need to enter the Sales Order form located under Distribution> Sales Orders > Work Area > Enter > Sales Orders.  For this example,…

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Adding Partially Depreciated Assets in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on January 15, 2016

When completing an implementation, it is important to know how to deal with the assets coming from your Legacy system. This guide demonstrates how to add one partially depreciated asset into Acumatica. 1. To begin, uncheck the “Update GL” setting on the Fixed Assets Preferences form. Doing so…

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Personal Settings Tab in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on December 29, 2015

With Acumatica, there is always some new feature to learn that makes our lives run a little smoother and this week, I have been utilizing a helpful feature called the “Personal Settings” tab, highlighted below: The tab, located within User Form (SM.20.10.10), allows the user to define a…

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Printing a Check for a Customer when Processing an AR Customer Refund in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on December 28, 2015

In Acumatica, there may be times where you need to print a check from the Accounts Receivable (AR) module when a Customer Refund is processed. Although currently there is no specific button that automates this, below is a work-around that will allow you to print checks to your customer. …

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Filter Options for Acumatica Generic Inquiries

Posted by Mike Aichinger on December 24, 2015

I use Generic Inquiries and filters in Acumatica every day. It’s my query, filter, or lookup tool when I’m asked to find a specific set of data. By having multiple filters in my Generic Inquiry, I can easily pull variations on my data, by simply clicking…

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