Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM Tip: Auto-populate calendar and contacts with drop-and-drop feature in CRM

Posted by Donna Krizik on May 14, 2013

Timesaving tips and tricks are always good news, and CRM has one for you! With a neat drag-and-drop feature, you can drag emails over to your calendar or contacts and it will auto-populate the information! This drag and drop works for tasks and notes too! Follow these easy steps below…

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Crestwood Associates Debuts in Top Half on Bob Scott’s Top 100 VARs for 2013

Posted by Donna Krizik on May 10, 2013

Crestwood is honored to be announced as a member of Bob Scott's Insights Top 100 VARs. This is another nationally recognized award Crestwood has received illustrating our spot as a top Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica partner. Crestwood Associates has been named to the Bob Scott’s Insights Top 100 VARs for 2013.…

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Salesforce vs Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online

Posted by Donna Krizik on March 19, 2013

Salesforce claims to offer an “all-you-can-eat” social buffet, allowing businesses to get all of the components for one price. The catch is that they have yet to reveal what that price is and have said they will deal with it on a “case-by-case basis”. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365…

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Top 5 Ways to Recharge Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM System

Posted by Donna Krizik on March 19, 2013

Too often CRM deployments are characterized by limited user adoption or a stale deployment. Want to breathe new life into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment? Below, we highlight 5 simple steps you should consider for resuscitating your CRM deployment and making the most of your CRM investment: 1.    …

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Crestwood Associates is on our way to Convergence 2013!

Posted by Donna Krizik on March 18, 2013

Microsoft Convergence 2013 is here! From March 18-21 Microsoft professionals are meetingin New Orleans to attend seminars and keynote speeches and find out about everything new and exciting for Microsoft in 2013. Crestwood Associates’ own John Kazanow and Rick Feterick will be in attendance and are certainly looking forward to it! …

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps You Deliver Resources to Your Customers on Schedule

Posted by Donna Krizik on February 27, 2013

Need to schedule the services your business delivers to your customers? Does your business need to plan and manage customer services – with your specific business resources scheduled for specific times and places? Dynamics CRM Service Scheduling can work for you. A recent Crestwood Associates request was from a business that…

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Successfully Connecting ERP Customers to CRM Customers

Posted by Donna Krizik on February 26, 2013

Improvements in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP (the Connector) have made it a serious option for businesses using both Microsoft Dynamics products. The Connector allows data integration between both systems providing real-time access to information. With the ability to access Customer Accounts, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices,…

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MOMENTUM 2013: CRM – Engaging a 360° View

Posted by Donna Krizik on February 15, 2013

If you attend only one CRM conference this year, let this be it. This ½ day, incredibly affordable event is jam-packed with critical strategies, practical and actionable knowledge, implementation tools, tips, tricks and much more. Presented by an all-star cast of presenters, this event brings together business and marketing leaders,…

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CRM Business Intelligence for Mid-Sized Companies

Posted by Donna Krizik on February 13, 2013

Business Intelligence (BI) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are finally affordable and easy to use for a mid-sized company. Many Microsoft Dynamics CRM users are experiencing sales and inventory data that flows from the Dynamics GP system using the adapter provided free of charge to all Dynamics GP customers or…

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Off-Shore Development

Posted by Donna Krizik on January 31, 2013

The demand and availability of high quality and low cost software development resources for the development of all kinds of software has forced the movement of many larger software development projects overseas. Crestwood has lately been involved with several Microsoft Dynamics CRM offshore development projects. Our experience has been that…

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