Microsoft Dynamics CRM

New Enhancements for Dynamics CRM & Dynamics Marketing

Posted by Donna Krizik on February 27, 2015

With Dynamics CRM 2015 and the recent update to Dynamics Marketing there are a ton of enhancements across sales, marketing and customer service. Microsoft’s mission is to reinvent productivity so that businesses can earn more and deliver great customer experiences. They are doing this through focusing on increased collaboration…

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Get Going with Dynamics CRM – Industry Templates

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 27, 2015

If you use Dynamics CRM 2013 or 2015 and haven’t taken advantage of the industry templates, I suggest you do, as they are available to download, free of charge, from Microsoft Pinpoint (the Microsoft Dynamics app store). What are Templates? Dynamics CRM often requires customization and coding to make it…

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Qualifying Leads in Dynamics CRM 2013 vs. 2011

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 26, 2015

Qualifying a lead is one of the areas that has changed quite a bit in the new version of Dynamics CRM 2013 and tends to have people confused.  I’ve been giving this explanation quite a bit lately, so I wanted to share it.  The Basics of Leads …

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8 Ways to Improve Real Life Dynamics CRM

Posted by Jen Bieker on December 10, 2014

How do you handle the change that comes along with a new CRM system?  Let’s face it, people don’t really like change.  Especially a change that is going to make them learn new things and do things differently. We promise that new systems will…

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Dynamics CRM 2015 Brings on True Mobility

Posted by Jen Bieker on December 3, 2014

Cortana gives Dynamics CRM 2015 a voice and ears! Staying competitive while on the go is something we’ve probably had experience with.  However, did you ever forget to respond to an email or to schedule a follow up because you were in the car and couldn’t…

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Dynamics CRM 2015 - Available for the Holidays!

Posted by Jen Bieker on December 3, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Corporate VP, Bob Stutz, gave us CRM users a great holiday gift – he announced the general availability of CRM 2015!    Reasons to Upgrade Dynamics CRM 2015 has made advancements in bringing together sales and marketing roles.  There is now a sales collaboration panel to help…

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Get More Productivity and Save Thousands of Dollars with Dynamics CRM

Posted by Jen Bieker on October 20, 2014

Dynamics CRM Online Sales Prodcutivity Pack:   Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online vs Salesforce Cost Comparison If you’ve considered Dynamics CRM, now is the time to try it and buy it. And this handy comparison helps you see the benefits in just a few seconds.  We’ve…

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SMARKETING - Marketing with a big "S"

Posted by Jen Bieker on September 25, 2014

There is a lot of buzz around the new role that Marketing plays in the sales process.  Now more than ever, to be successful, it is critical to have tight integration between sales and marketing.  Looking at it logically, it sounds simple.  However, as you might imagine,…

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Nurture Your Data with Dynamics CRM

Posted by Jen Bieker on August 26, 2014

Dynamics CRM 2013 has really stepped it up in terms of marketing automation.  If you’re not using marketing automation in your Dynamics CRM system, you’re missing out.  It is one of the most crucial pieces of your business.  Marketing automation helps you to understand…

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Dynamics CRM Online: Free Rollout of Social Listening

Posted by Jen Bieker on August 13, 2014

Are you a Dynamics CRM Online Customer? If so, the wait for Social Listening is over.  Microsoft announced it is currently in the process of adding Social Listening for eligible customers for FREE.  The process should be complete by the end of August 2014. Dynamics CRM Social Listening is…

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