Microsoft Dynamics GP

Breaking Changes in Major Web Browsers / Web Hosts

Posted by Jeff Williams, Dev Team Mgr on May 8, 2017

If you suddenly started having issues with websites (corporate/intranet/other) and/or have integration systems that have stopped working, read on as these issues might be the cause.   Let us know if you need assistance, email us at and one of our experts can…

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Locking in SQL Server

Posted by David Gigear, Senior Consultant on May 4, 2017

Locking is a part of every SQL Server database.  It’s critical functionality and without it, we could not have multiple people working in the same database, at the same time.  It ensures data integrity, but can also cause some errors.   Example: I was assisting a…

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Dynamics GP: Using SQL to Change Inventory Currency Decimal Places

Posted by Mike Gordon, CPA, MCP on May 4, 2017

A customer recently had an issue with the number of decimal places for the price of an item on an open Sales Order.  The item was incorrectly setup with 2 decimal places when it needed to be four.  Note your Item Number and your Order Number.  Is there…

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Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList Window Not Showing or Blank

Posted by Mike Gordon, CPA, MCP on April 26, 2017

Recently, a client of mine had an issue where the Dynamics GP SmartList Window would not open or when it did, it was blank.  I found that this is a known issue, as the window settings in the DYNAMICS SY01402 table can become corrupt and cause the window to…

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Dynamics GP – How to Pay a Partial Payment

Posted by Sean Casey, MCTS on April 25, 2017

Using Select Checks and Edit Check Batch I recently helped a client print partial checks in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  They needed to pay an invoice in multiple payments.  I’ve also run into this when someone needs to create a payment for a deposit, but had not…

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Microsoft Dynamics GP: Changing Currency Decimal Place for an Inventory Item with Manufacturing

Posted by Carla Duquette on March 23, 2017

There are times you might need to change the number of decimal places for inventory items in Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing.  For example: Items might have been set up incorrectly You might have started purchasing a product from a different supplier, or international supplier and with the currency exchange…

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#1 Reason My Clients Upgrade Dynamics GP (and Why You Should Too)

Posted by Melissa Paglia, Client Account Manager on March 22, 2017

Every week I talk with clients about upgrading their ERP solutions. Motivations run from having to spend their IT budget to needing a critical product update.  Or maybe they read about a new feature and want to learn more. But what really makes them pull the trigger? Eliminating headaches. …

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2 Tips to Make Management Reporter (MR) Reports Run Faster

Posted by Tiffany Bennett, Senior Consultant on March 21, 2017

You may notice that Management Reporter (MR) reports run a bit slower than previous, FRx reports.  If so, we have two great tips for you to try to help improve performance and speed of your reports. 2 Tips to increase the speed of MR reports: 1. Limit the number of fiscal…

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How to Change an Inventory Site in Dynamics GP

Posted by David Gigear, Senior Consultant on March 21, 2017

Included in Microsoft Dynamics GP is the Professional Services Toolkit Library (PSTL).  This adds a lot of powerful functionality to help you solve common business problems. One of the tools is the Inventory Site Combiner.  It allows you to combine site/location codes without losing any data. …

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Risky Business: 5 Industries that Raise Audit Red Flags

Posted by Jen Bieker on March 17, 2017

States target certain businesses for sales tax audits according to data For most companies, the mere idea of a sales tax audit is a daunting prospect, and “fingers crossed we don’t get picked” is a popular strategy. But for certain types of businesses, just doing what…

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