Microsoft Dynamics GP

Account Payable (AP) Check Batch Issue

Posted by Mike Gordon, CPA, MCP on January 18, 2017

We often run into Micorosft Dynamics GP errors with check batches.  Sometimes, we find someone saved the batch without filling in the distribution, which generates an error message, but you can save through that.  The problem is, when someone comes along to do a check run, the run…

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How to Create a New SmartList Using SmartList Designer

Posted by Georgia Stewart on January 16, 2017

Recently, our support team helped a Crestwood customer set up some new SmartLists using SmartList Designer in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We created this handy, how-to and wanted to share. Here’s how: Open SmartList (click the Dynamics GP button and then click SmartList) Click the New button at…

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Get ready for new changes to sales and use tax in 2017

Posted by Jen Bieker on January 16, 2017

In 2017, when it comes to sales tax, states are taking stances on everything from soda to streaming content, tobacco to tampons. The New Year will also bring renewed efforts by states to implement internet sales taxes and continue the legal battle to overturn existing legislation. Here is a summary of 2017…

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PSTL Company Copy vs. Dynamics GP Utility Create a Company

Posted by Jen Bieker on January 6, 2017

I’m going to admit, I’ve been a bit confused as to why and when I would want to use these two tools.  So, I’ve been asking around and I think I’ve finally got it. What’s the difference?  …

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Why Should I Upgrade My ERP System?

Posted by Samantha Miller, Senior Consultant on January 6, 2017

Technology is constantly evolving.  With each new version of Dynamics there are improvements, more efficiencies, and new features. Sometimes, there are additional new modules available. But in order to justify the time and effort and expense of an upgrade, you need to make sure the benefits of the latest…

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PSTL Company Copy for Dynamics GP

Posted by Mike Giuffre on January 5, 2017

Microsoft includes a license with Dynamics GP for their “Swiss Army Knife” set of tools called the Personal Services Tools Library (PSTL).   One of these tools is Company Copy.  It is used to copy the setups from one company to a new one.  This…

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Reprinting Bank Reconciliation Reports in Dynamics GP

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on January 5, 2017

Sometimes, you have a need to reprint the reports that generate after you reconcile a bank account in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Maybe you had a printer malfunction at just the wrong time, or possibly the originals are lost in a file somewhere.   You can easily reprint the…

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Where's That in Dynamics GP?

Posted by Jen Bieker on January 4, 2017

Do you ever feel like you're wasting time looking for the right place to go in Dynamics GP? Or you don't remember where something is? Well, I recently stumbled upon this cool little tool.  It allows you to enter in the name of a Dynamics GP…

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Where Are My Report Template Modifications in Dynamics GP?

Posted by Sean Casey, MCTS on January 4, 2017

Have you ever modified a report template in Microsoft Dynamics GP, only to go and print it, and your changes aren’t there?  Why? If you modify a Word document outside of Dynamics GP, it doesn’t know that the file has changed. It’s easy…

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Dynamics GP – Your GL Summary Does Not Match Your GL Detail

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on January 4, 2017

You may notice in Microsoft Dynamics GP that sometimes the General Ledger Summary and the General Ledger Detail do not match.  While this doesn’t happen often, it’s an indication that the SQL tables behind the scenes are not correct and need to be repaired. …

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