Multi Company Formatting Tips in Dynamics SL

Posted by Tiffany Bennett, Senior Consultant on August 10, 2017

Many of our customers have multiple companies in Dynamics SL.  Some are in separate application databases, and some are all in one single database.  Either way, below are some tips when managing multiple companies. Companies can be color-coded.  This allows users to quickly see which company they…

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Missing Management Reporter Report Options

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on July 19, 2017

Setting Your Default Company in Management Reporter (MR) The first time you login into Management Reporter Designer as a new user, or the first time you login after an upgrade, you may notice that you are missing all of your report options on the left hand side.  You might…

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Missing the Messages.CSV in Dynamics SL

Posted by Jen Bieker on July 18, 2017

A customer called me last week and had received the following error about a messages.csv file missing from the associated folder in Microsoft Dynamics SL. “Unable to locate the message file c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\SL\Applications\MESSAGES.CVS”    The Fix: The messages…

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Management Reporter Headers in Excel

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on July 17, 2017

Have you ever noticed that when you download Management Reporter (MR) reports into Excel, the headers don’t show up at all in the Normal View, or the headers only show up in the Page Layout View?  If the Page Layout View in Excel is not to your…

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Reconcile to GL Routine in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on July 16, 2017

There is a very powerful tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP that can greatly reduce the time it takes you to find errors between your Trial Balances in your subledgers (Purchasing, Receivables, Inventory, Bank Reconciliation) and your General Ledger (GL).  This tool is called the Reconcile to GL routine and…

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Limited Users in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on July 15, 2017

We get a lot of questions from Microsoft Dynamics GP Administrators on the User Type field when creating new users.  The most common question is, “What’s a Limited type user”? What is a Limited User? Limited user licenses are 80% less expensive than Full users, but…

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When State Auditors Head out of State

Posted by Lauren Christoff on June 21, 2017

Auditors are on the move. While most businesses expect (i.e., dread) to be audited by their home department of revenue, it often comes as a surprise to learn that state tax authorities routinely send auditors to, or hire auditors from, other states to capture unreported sales and use tax…

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How to Automate Exporting Dynamics GP SmartLists to Excel: Create an Export Solution

Posted by Georgia Stewart on June 19, 2017

Many of our clients like to export their Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartLists to Excel.  Why?  In Excel, you can easily add things like: Summary Totals Pivot Tables Charts And more However, it can become a tedious and time-consuming process if you export many SmartLists.  How to Automate…

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Learn the Basics of Dynamics GP SmartLists

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on June 6, 2017

The SmartList feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP is everyone’s favorite feature.  It makes compiling useful data easy for everyone.  To help you get started, download our PDF guide  for step-by-step directions on these basic must-knows: Where are SmartLists Rename a column Increase the Number of…

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Remove Duplicate Contacts in Dynamics CRM – Merge Feature

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 26, 2017

If you have duplicate contacts in CRM – you can merge them together into 1 contact, without losing any of the data associated with either of them.  All notes, activities, and information attached to either, can now be consolidated into just 1 contact. For example, maybe the 2 duplicate contacts have different…

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