#1 Reason My Clients Upgrade Dynamics GP (and Why You Should Too)

Posted by Melissa Paglia, Client Account Manager on March 22, 2017

Every week I talk with clients about upgrading their ERP solutions. Motivations run from having to spend their IT budget to needing a critical product update.  Or maybe they read about a new feature and want to learn more. But what really makes them pull the trigger? Eliminating headaches.

Every company has at least one process that isn’t ideal that has been crafted to get around poor technology or other tools.  Some companies feel like they have nothing but these work-around solutions.

Read a little bit about how an upgrade helped one of our Microsoft Dynamics GP clients get rid of a cumbersome process and improve AR collections. 

Client Upgrade Example

Client:  Bob’s Hardware
Strategic Objective:  Improve client satisfaction
Tactic: Get invoices out faster, take better care of client accounts
Methods: Automate Dynamics GP AR, use Collections Manager and National Accounts


My client came to me with frustration that it was taking weeks to get invoices out, and those delays were affecting client’s prompt payment and overall satisfaction. They were doing all they could within the system, but still had delays and manual processes.


We took a look at their invoicing and collections process and noticed there were some immediate advantages with an upgrade.  We recommended automating their invoicing by: 

  1. Leveraging an integration between a third party application that handles industry specific invoicing.
  2. Automatically feeding the Receivables data into Microsoft Dynamics GP using Scribe software, an integration tool. 
  3. Using the Professional Advantage Collections Management module in Dynamics GP to allow their team to easily track collections and follow up to realize that revenue faster.
  4. Setting up the National Accounts module in Dynamics GP to apply payments from a single company to the invoices incurred by its separate (child) locations. 


This client was able to save time, eliminate data errors, and get more done in less time.

Here’s what my customer said:

“We now have accurate and timely invoices and are able to have payment applied correctly in Dynamics GP with minimal effort.  With National Accounts, we could streamline our invoicing process.  It’s now automated from end-to-end which is helping our business to grow and we are able to take on more customers without a bottleneck in invoicing.”

Getting started with your own upgrade
One challenge that is common to all of us is understanding and explaining the value of an upgrade to others in the company. It’s critical to get their approval and financial backing to move forward with upgrading your system to a current, supported version or moving forward with a strategic project. The easiest way that I’ve found is to frame it around your strategic objectives and then outline the specific gains you expect from the upgrade.  

Here are some of questions and thoughts to get you started.

  • What do you spend most of your day doing?

  • What tasks frustrates you the most?

  • What do others on your team struggle with?

  • What are managers constantly asking you for?

  • What is one thing you wish you could offer your customers?

  • Is your hardware getting old?

  • Are you tracking things outside of Dynamics GP, maybe in Excel; such as, fixed assets or deferred revenue?

  • Do you have multiple and/or remote locations and those employees need to see financial data?

  • Are their lists of data or reports that people should be self-sufficient with, even without access to Dynamics GP?

  • Are there processes you run over and over again?

We have helped many clients throughout my years at Crestwood with their process of getting project approval for upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP and moving forward with strategic projects. 

Have more questions? Get them answered live on April 25, 2017
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Ready for a quote?
Whether you want to maintain your current functionality and move to a supported version of Dynamics GP, or if you are looking to automate, streamline, and gain additional functionality by leveraging the modules inside and bolted on to Dynamics GP, give us a call at 847-232-8206 or email us at marketing@crestwood.com and see how our account managers can help you.

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