20 Ways to Save Time in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

Posted by Jen Bieker on June 20, 2016

1.  The ability to scan multiple pages into the Document Attach Management area.

2.  Now, manage and edit attachment attributes that flow to transactions.  For example, you can choose to have them “Flow” from the Master Record to Transactions with a new radio button.

3.  Attach Word Template Edit List for batch-related Workflows, allowing approvers to have a complete view of the batch outside of Dynamics GP.  Everything for the batch is now included in the email attachment.

4.  Enter Prepayments for entire Purchase Order amount.  No longer are you limited to entering in pre-payments for the PO Subtotal minus the Trade Discount.

5.  Sales All-in-One View – quickly see all relevant sales documents for a customer.

6.  Inventory All-in-One View – quickly see all documents tied to an item’s transactions.

7.  Bank Reconciliation: Auto-deposit Cash Receipt batch to a single Deposit.  Post all cash receipts in a Receivables batch to a single deposit record in Bank Reconciliation.

8.  Analytical Accounting: User access settings just got easier.  Allow all users in the database to have access to all the dimension codes at once.

9.  General Ledger: Display duplicate GL accounts on Budget Exception Report.  Now you get a warning on the exception report for the GL Budget import process if a GL account is listed multiple times.

10.  General Ledger: Budget Import warn or generate report when Accounts in Budget do not exist.  On the other hand, if a GL account does not exist in Dynamics GP, you get a warning when trying to import it.

11.  Payables Management: Use Credit Card as a payment type in the Payables check run process.  The total amount of the check run processed will create an open invoice for the Credit Card vendor.

12.  EFT for Payables/Receivables: A file format for Scotia Bank (105 byte layout) has now been added to the default options.

13.  Added is an option to remove inactive Pay Codes from the Payroll Transaction Entry window for an employee.

14.  A new navigation area was added that enhances the ability to sort, search, and edit Payroll Posting Accounts.  Additionally, you can now import and export Payroll Posting Account information to Microsoft Excel.

15.  Human Resources and Payroll additional features; such as:

  • View HR balances on the Time Management tile

  • View HR balances in the Preview Pan of Navigation lists
  • Report list has been updated to include Vets 4212 instead of Vets 100.

16.  Document Attachments for Project Time & Expense (PTE) - Employee Expenses:  Attach documents using Doc Attach in the PTE Employee Expense Entry window.  These attachments can be emailed to approvers through the workflow. 
17.  There have been design changes to PTE Employee Expense Entry window to make it similar to the standard Employee Expense Entry window and also an addition of PTE Edit List reports.

18.  Microsoft has added Project Accounting line item information to the requisitions area.  Now, users can request inventory and non-inventory items.  Project Number and Cost Category ID are available for each line item.

19.  Better SmartLists – easier imports, exports, and use of favorites.

20.  Export to Microsoft Excel as numbers – Not Text.  Woot, Woot!


Here’s a little more information on some of our favorite new features in Dynamics GP 2016.

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