3 Time Saving Tricks for Dynamics CRM 2013

Posted by Jen Bieker on April 23, 2014

Do you know how to create shortcuts, use the pushpins, and view recently opened items in CRM 2013?

Here are 3 user time saving tips you can use in Dynamics CRM 2013.

1.  Create Shortcuts to things you use daily in CRM


  • Navigate to the item in CRM you want to create a shortcut for - and open it up.
  • Press F11 on your keyboard to bring up the full window - where you can see the address bar and the URL at the top of the window

  • Select the URL and copy it
  • Next, navigate to your desktop and right click to bring up the menu
  • Choose, New and then Shortcut
  • Paste in your URL - either right click and paste, or use Ctrl + V
  • Give your shortcut a name so you remember what it's for and finish

2.  What are the pushpins for?  Use the pushpins on the screen to set your default views.


  • Bring up the view you want on your screen
  • Click on the pushpin to the left of the view name

  • Or, in a dashboard view, use the button at the top with the pushpin - SET AS DEFAULT


3.  Quickly open recently viewed items in CRM


  • Use the small dropdown arrows alongside items on the navigation bar - this will bring up a list of recently viewed items
  • Select the item you want and it quickly pops up

Watch for more quick and easy time saving tricks from Crestwood Associates.


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