34 Irresistible Flavors of Dynamics SL 2015

Posted by Jen Bieker on June 23, 2015

Crestwood is excited about the new version of Dynamics SL.  Microsoft really listened to customer requests and is helping us solve some of our most painful issues.  Take a look at this list of 34 improvements and new features, watch the webinar at the end, and see for yourself how great Dynamics SL 2015 would be for your dynamic business. 

Sign on and Security Improvement

  • Limited to only companies you have access to; meaning, you don’t have to see that big list of companies you don’t work with.
  • Add logos to companies, which is nice on the eyes.

PV Lookups (Possible Values Lookup)

  • New lookup interface based on Quick Query – which makes things easy to do.
  • Can do filters in PV Lookups now!  Narrow down the data even more.
  • Field Maintenance (Rename a user field or custom field for ROI screen).

Quick Query

  • Copy data to a Table – quickly and easily export data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Connection – In Excel, you can create a connection to your data.  Then use all the great Excel tools; like pivot tables, charts, and PowerBI tools.
  • Query Table – export your data to another area with a built in connection to the database.  Then you can refresh the data without logging into Dynamics SL.  For example, upload a set of data to a team Sharepoint site and create a dashboard.
  • Pivot with your data.  Now you can easily add fields from the right side, and it’s still refreshable.
  • Don't forget about custom views.
  • The best thing with Quick Query, you can now access it via web apps and browsers.

Reporting & ROI

  • Make the fields more readable with descriptive captions.  Use these to know what to sort by and filter on.
  • Unlimited number of report formats now.  We are no longer restricted to the magic number 8.
  • We now can set a default report format to each company.
  • It's back! - email directly from the print preview screen.
  • Custom reports are no longer removed from ‘rptcontrol’ when upgrading.
  • We now have the ability to run all reports through a browser.

Accounts Payable (AP)

  • Improved vendor name auditing for checks.  Dynamics SL now stores the Vendor ID and Vendor name on checks.
  • Now we can apply multiple prepayments against a voucher (not just one).  They’ve added a new button at the bottom of the VO Entry screen.
  • 1099 Backup Withholding capability. Easily set the Vendor backup withholding as (y/n).  This automatically creates a new Backup Withholding document when releasing.

Accounts Receivable (AR)

  • PRINT PREVIEW!  You can now print preview an invoice before releasing it.
  • And in Quick Query, too, for multiple invoices.

Project and Multi-Company/Multi-Currency

  • Added multi-company functionality; for example, now you can run the Allocator for multiple companies at one time, not just the one you're currently logged into.
  • Project Reports now include a multi-company tab.
  • You can now restrict the view of projects by company.  Also, end users will only see projects in the company/companies they have access to.
  • Time Review and Approval – we now have the ability to do it for different companies; such as, Timecard Status and Transaction Detail Inquiry by company.
  • Multi- Currency – projects now can store project base currency and company base currency.
  • Additionally for multi-currency, Project Maintenance supports it.  Meaning if our company base is in US Dollars, but our project base is Japan, we can invoice in YEN.
  • Project budgets also support this multi-currency.  Maintain and analyze budgets in project currency but have easy visibility to the base currency conversion.


  • Easily re-calculate deductions/earnings in Review/Edit Check screen (automatic now).  If deductions are changed, you can click a box to have it recalculate automatically.
  • Net Check Entry – There are no restrictions on deductions set up now for an employee. Dynamics SL now automatically takes limits, deductions, and exemptions into consideration.
  • Void and re-issue checks without rerunning Pay Labor Interface or reentering time.  (Reactivate Earnings checkbox in Void Check screen).
  • Audit improvements – included now is Pay Audit  (this is a new screen under Employee History area), used to track changes to deductions, tax tables, employee deductions, employee pay information, and it even adds the date, time and user.

Web Apps

Provide users access to analyze and enter data into Dynamics SL through a web browser, either via a computer or mobile device.  The initial release of web apps focused on project features, but the roadmap into the future for Dynamics SL will expand web apps with many more features.

Click Roadmap to Enlarge

Want to see Dynamics SL 2015 for yourself?  Watch a recent webinar one of our Senior Dynamics SL consultants did on all these great new features and improvements in Dynamics SL 2015.  If you haven’t planned your upgrade yet, talk to us and we can help get you started. Contact your Account Manager or email us at Marketing@crestwood.com.

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