4 Microsoft Dynamics SL Integrations You Should Know About

Posted by Jen Bieker on July 27, 2016

With a long history of implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics SL, Crestwood offers integration services to a host of industries. We’ve highlighted a few of our recent projects in case you are in need of similar services.

  1. We helped a Membership Organization integrate their Accounts Receivable module with their “AM4” billing solution. This enables the billing from the original solution to be automatically imported into the AR module in Dynamics SL, which eliminates double entry and reduces the likelihood of data errors. 
  2. A chain of beauty salons needed to capture “Greensheets” which are the sales transactions for their individual salons and integrate those with AP, AR and Cash Manager. Crestwood wrote 6 module extensions for Dynamics SL to grab the information and port it directly into Dynamics SL. The salons also sell refreshments and products at each location and needed a way to bring information from their Point of Sale solution, Guest Vision, into Dynamics SL. Crestwood created an integration just for this purpose and now the salons can see all of the sales, by location, by product with a few clicks.
  3. A healthcare client found that they frequently needed to issue refunds to physicians for one reason or another.  This meant that the AP department had to create a Vendor ID for each physician, which was inconvenient and time-consuming.  It also created delays in the refund process. Crestwood wrote a Refund Import Process that creates AP batches to pay the physicians using one Vendor ID.  So instead of having to set up each doctor as a vendor, they use one vendor ID and Dynamics SL writes the refund check to a User Field.  This User Field contains the individual name and address for the physician, so the check is cut to the correct vendor without having to create that pesky Vendor ID.    
  4. An insurance client needed an integration to their Oracle Application Software Implementation Strategy (OASIS).  OASIS sends the AP vouchers and the payment information which needed to be imported to Dynamics SL.  This integration is accomplished through a CSV import.


Do you have an idea on how to save time and money with your Dynamics SL system?  Our team of experts can help you.  Give us a call at 847-394-8820.

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