5 Management Reporter (MR) Tips

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 23, 2016

Here are 5 great tips & tricks for MR you should try...

  1. Prevent Drill Down: To hide confidential information, while allowing details in the rest of an account detail report, you can enter ‘XD’ under the Print Control to hide drill down capabilities in the report. This prevents users from drilling down into the details when viewing the reports.
  2. Alt F1:  Press Alt+F1 to gain more screen space when designing reports. 

  3. Suppress Blank Rows: Similar to hiding the drill down, you can suppress blank rows in your reports by entering ‘X0’ under Print Control.  You can also do this at the report level so you don’t need to enter it on every row of your report; however, if you want sections of the report displaying zeros, then only do this at the row level.  

  4. Rolling 12 Months: Show a rolling number of periods automatically. This tip is wonderful for side-by-side reports. The example below is a 12 month rolling example.  A base plus 11 periods in the past.

  5. Default Report Library Location:  When developing reports, you can change the default library where reports will be generated. This way, you can keep your reports organized.

    To change the default report, go to Tools > Options.

Need more MR tips and tricks?  Watch the recording of our Crestwood webinar on MR: Reporting and Distribution Options.  When accessing the recording, just enter your name and information, then it will take you directly to the recorded webinar.

Or contact our experts at Support@Crestwood.com if you have a specific question or problem.

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