8 Ways to Improve Real Life Dynamics CRM

Posted by Jen Bieker on December 10, 2014

How do you handle the change that comes along with a new CRM system?  Let’s face it, people don’t really like change.  Especially a change that is going to make them learn new things and do things differently.

We promise that new systems will drastically help job performance and benefit everyone, but when you start working on a new system, it takes time to learn and people don’t always see the benefits through the cloud of change.  We are not familiar with the interface, have trouble finding things and it gets frustrating.

We at Crestwood are no different, even though we do this for a living.  Here are some of the ways that we help our staff cope with the brief pains of getting used to a new system.

  1. Great Partner:  Make sure you have chosen a good partner, one who is responsive and understands that a new system can be difficult at first and might take a bit for people to catch on to.  They should be able to give you ideas and suggestions for best success.
  2. Communication:  Keep employees informed of timelines and what’s happening – so they feel they are part of the process and know what’s coming, when, and who to contact with questions.  After you go live, send out update emails with training options and maybe a tip or trick to try.
  3. Training:  Offer a variety of training options, lunch and learns, live webinars, on-demand recordings.  And have a resource available to help out when employees start using a new system for the first time.
  4. More Training:  Don’t just offer training once.  Offer training throughout the process, especially after the go live date.  Expand on topics and give people a chance to show what they’ve found works.  Even ask some of the people who caught on quickly to help with others in their department.  Designate them as a CRM Power User for their team.
  5. Handouts:  We like Quick Reference Cards – we make them ourselves – easy to read, with screen shots and step-by-step instructions. 
  6. Feedback:  Create a separate email address for people to submit problems, questions, concerns, and wish-list items to.  Make sure this is monitored daily and that responses are prompt.  Even a quick, “thank you for taking the time to submit your request” makes people feel they are being heard and their comments aren’t ending up in a black hole.
  7. Expect Mistakes:  We all learn from our mistakes.  Adults generally need to do something 8 times before they remember it.  So, be patient and don’t try and do it for people.  If someone isn’t getting it, help them out but sit with them and let them use the mouse. 
  8. Appreciation:  Make sure your employees know that you understand and realize it’s not always easy to learn a new system – and don’t forget a thank you now and then.  We’ve even seen companies purchase little items to hand out as a “Thank you”.


Want more insight on Dynamics CRM adoption tactics? Attend an upcoming webinar or download a whitepaper.  If you have specific questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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