86% of Customers are Willing to Pay for Better Customer Service

Posted by Jen Bieker on May 23, 2014

Give it to them with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Stressing the Importance of Customer Service

Microsoft has really taken a stand on how important customer service is and that they’ve taken great strides to move Dynamics CRM to a higher level in the customer experience area.  With almost everyone online, customer service expectations have changed over the past few years. These days, customers want support options 24/7.  They get frustrated if they can’t find the answer or if you don’t reply almost instantly to their issues.  Strong customer service is one of the most important factors in standing out from the crowd and keeping your customers loyal.

Did you know?

  • 67% of consumers use self-service web options to find answers to their questions
  • there has been a 70% increase in use of social media for customer service
  • 75% of consumers move to competitor when customer service fails (and you may not even be aware it has failed)

Where should you start with providing great self-serve and on-demand support? 

Here’s the short story:

  • Microsoft acquired Parature, and from that, they developed their own version of it called Unified Service Desk (USD). 
  • Unified Service Desk is a total customer service agent area, where you can develop and post self-serve content, help articles, how-to’s, etc, so that your agents can quickly assist your customers.
  • For example, with USD you can run your help desk efficiently and effectively with nifty features like:
    • Agents don’t have to screen hop to find information
    • Agent call scripting right in front of them
    • Easily integrate other systems into the 1 screen

Some key FAQ’s

What is Care Everywhere?

Care everywhere is the new buzz phrase for Microsoft’s campaign to promote their enhanced customer service section in Dynamics CRM 2013.  It includes the case management module in CRM but now with a license upgrade, you get the Unified Service Desk (USD) piece, and for an additional (but reduced) price, Parature.
What is the Unified Service Desk (USD)? 
USD is an area in CRM designed for call center agents that pulls lots of customer and service information into 1 spot – account and contact information, knowledge base articles, maps, email links, and even a timer to track case resolution time.

And then there’s Parature:

Which is a separate tool but it integrates nicely with CRM.  Parature gives you options to incorporate customer service features like chat or knowledge bases directly into other web-based areas; such as incorporating it into your Facebook page. 

USD Hub in Dynamics CRM:

How to Buy:

So you are convinced you need it —what are your purchasing options? 

You can stick with the basics for customer service with the Professional license, or move up to the Enterprise level which includes the Unified Service Desk and then add on the full Parature product for a special price.

  1. Professional License – $65.00 / month / user.  This is a common online license option, nothing new here.  It includes:  Enterprise Case Management – essentially “Cases” in CRM, full regular view of the customer, process management,  knowledge base to hold information, automation of cases for teamwork, mobile version, and reporting
  2. Enterprise License – $200 / month / user.  This is the new level of licensing that includes some of the new features in Dynamics CRM.  It includes everything in the Professional License area plus the Unified Service Desk (USD). 
  3. Parature – $99 - $199 / month / user.  Special pricing available now from Microsoft.  Parature is a standalone product that integrates seamlessly with CRM, your website, Facebook page, etc.  It gives customers the option of finding information themselves, or contacting someone via chat, email, or phone call through multiple channels.

Want to see a Demo of the new Dynamics CRM customer service features?

Still not sure if you need just the basics of customer service, or the Enterprise edition, or Parature too?  Join Crestwood and Microsoft for a live Demo of new features in Dynamics CRM, on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

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