A Better Way to Test and Learn – Using a Dynamics GP Test Company

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 16, 2015

This month, Crestwood held a great webinar on Dynamics GP System Administration.  One of the hot topics people were talking about was creating a test company in their system.

Generally, I think of a test company as that sample Fabrikam data, but we learned how to create a test company in Dynamics GP based off of our own production data. 

Think of the possibilities: 
• Training on an exact replica of your current system
• Testing new configurations of modules
• Testing new processes
• Troubleshooting problems in a copy of your real system

If you don’t have a test database in Dynamics GP, I highly recommend you make one.  If you’re not sure you have access to do this, please check with your IT person or team.

Remember, you can always contact Crestwood Support to help too.  Support@Crestwood.com

Here are the steps to set up your own test company in Dynamics GP

1.  Run the Dynamics GP Utilities – Create a company, then click on the Process button.

2. Name the new test database – here we used Test1.  When naming the test company, make sure it is alphanumeric, but it cannot start with a number nor can it contain any special characters.  Make sure to choose the option:  Copy access from company, and select your production company name.  This will copy both the access and security settings; otherwise, you will need to manually give access to this new company after it is created and set up the security.  Then click Next.

3. In this database setup window, you can verify or specify the location for the database and log files.  We recommend to keep them in the same directory as your previous companies, however it is not required to do so.  The default data directory here is the directory specified when SQL was installed.  Click Next.

4. In the Confirmation window, verify the settings and then click on the Finish button.  This installation might take approximately 15 minutes or so, depending on the size of your database and speed of your server.

5. If you need to test reports and Excel data options, include the checkmarks for SQL Reports and/or Excel data connections.  However, quite often we Skip this step, if we just need to use Dynamics GP. 

If these are selected, the settings on the SQL Server Reporting Services reports will default from the configuration defined during the installation process of your new company.  Same as the Excel reports and data connections options.  Please verify the location and setup options and then click on Next.

6. If you choose to setup SQL Server reports and Excel reports, you will again receive a confirmation page, where you should verify the information is correct, before you click on Finish.


7. In the Company Setup Options, choose to set up the company later.  RapidStart is an Excel spreadsheet tool that is pre-setup to help you move from other Accounting software programs, like QuickBooks and Peachtree, to Dynamics GP quickly and easily.  You do not need to use the RapidStart if creating a test company based off an existing Dynamics GP one.

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