Acumatica Tricks and Tips: Re-planning Back Orders

Posted by Mike Aichinger on September 2, 2016

In Acumatica, you have the ability to create Back Orders for partial shipments of goods. Orders that are a partial shipment will create a back order.  We often get questions on how best to keep track of the back orders. 

There are two ways to ensure visibility into your back orders.  Which method is best depends on how you process your orders/shipments on a daily basis.

  1. Automated Process Screens
  2. Run an Inventory Validation Process

Method 1:  Automated Process Screens in Acumatica:

Go to Distribution > Sales Orders > Process Orders

This will re-open all orders for processing. 

Next, run the process to Create Shipments.

All orders will be here for processing and shipments will be created for anything else that is now available.

These can also be scheduled to run on a schedule through creating an Automation Schedule for them.

Click on the Automation icon at the top of the screen to add or view the Automation for that particular screen.

This way, these can be run behind the scenes on your own schedule to meet your warehouse and shipping procedures/needs.

Method 2: Inventory Validation Process

The other way, which sometimes is a little simpler, is to run an Inventory Validation process and check the box to Re-Plan Back Orders.

This, too can be scheduled to be run on an automation schedule depending on your preferences like this one:

You can choose to do these two processes by themselves or in conjunction with each other to increase visibility into Back Order processing.

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