Adding Inquiries to the Acumatica Dashboard

Posted by Mike Aichinger on January 22, 2016

In Acumatica, a dashboard is a collection of widgets that are displayed on a single page to provide information at a glance.

What is a widget? Well, in Acumatica, a widget is a small component that delivers a particular type of information that you use or manage.  The following types of widgets can be added to your Acumatica dashboard:

  • Charts: You can use charts—graphical representations of data from Acumatica ERP forms—of various types, such as bar charts and line charts.
  • Tables: A widget can be a table, which is an arrangement of data from an Acumatica ERP form, arranged into rows and columns.
  • Articles: The widgets on your dashboard might include wiki articles, such as reference articles, procedures, and business plans.

If your forms have the Dashboard button in the toolbar, you can add charts and tables.  The two main forms with this capability are Inquiry and Processing forms.  A widget created from an Inquiry form will allow you to open the source inquiry form from your dashboard and then drill down to view the underlying data. If a widget is created from a Processing form, you will be able to monitor whether there are new entities to be processed.

Now let’s get back to your dashboard! While serving different purposes, dashboards display information from a variety of sources, and from the dashboard you can click on any widget to explore the information further.

Below are examples of dashboards where graphs include tables and several different charts:



Now we’ll show you how to add inquiries to the GL Dashboard.


1. Select the Account Summary Inquiry in the GL Module (located under Finance>GL>Enter>Explore).

2. In the top, right-hand corner of the Dashboard menu, you will notice two options: “Add Table” and “Add Chart”.

3. Select “Add Table”.

4. When the Widget Properties screen pops up, you can change the Table’s name (title) and the Target location for the table.

5. In the Fields section, you can check/uncheck the fields you want to show/hide.

6. Select the “Add Table” option.

7. Do a click over the General Ledger module name as shown in the screenshot below.

8. This action will show you the table recently added in the GL Dashboard. In this area you can increase or reduce the size of the table just dragging it from any of the corners using the mouse.

9. In the top, right-hand corner of the table, you can find the options to “Change the Properties” and “Remove”.

10. Select “Change Properties” and you will then have the option to change the name of the Table and the Anchor to the left/right which positions the table where you want it on the dashboard.

11. In the top, left-hand corner you will find the refresh icon.

12. Clicking on the table’s name will give you drill-down access to the original inquiry


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Submitted By: Mike Aichinger, Implementation Manager

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