Altec and Solver Announce doc-link & BI360 Integration for Dynamics GP

Posted by Donna Krizik on January 20, 2015

Two tools, working together in Dynamics GP, to save you time and money, and increase productivity.

Is your office still shuffling paper around?  Not only is paper expensive, moving it around your office can be inefficient and costly too.  Altec’s doc-link solution gives your company the ability to go paperless, providing your team the ability to maximize efficiency and productivity by at least 40%.  Say goodbye to the over-sized filing cabinets and say hello to quick and easy document access.

BI360 report writer allows your company to access review and save new insights into your reporting process with its collaboration tools. It’s unique drag and drop feature allows you to create detailed reports without ever having to manually enter a single formula. And that’s just the beginning of what it can do.

BI360 and doc-link both have plenty of great features as individual solutions. But together, they are amazing!

Customers have been asking for an easier way to view supporting documents from within reports.  Imagine being able to launch documents right from a report!  Companies can design financial reports in BI360 that contain hyperlinks to documents stored in the doc-link repository;  saving you a trip to those bulky file cabinets.

This integration will make reporting, analysis and inquires an easy and automated process. 

  BI360 Financial Reporting

 Doc-link for Dynamics GP

Altec and Solver deliver their solutions through Microsoft Dynamics resellers like us, Crestwood Associates. If you’re a Dynamics GP user, contact us today to learn how to get this great new integration with doc-link and BI360. 


Learn how doc-link can work for your company at our free webinar.

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