Announcing - Positive Pay in Greentree

Posted by Colleen Schils, Client Account Manager on April 20, 2017

  • Do you pay your vendors with checks from Greentree?
  • Do you want to avoid check fraud?

Greentree version 4.7 provides the functionality to generate a Positive Pay file to send to your bank.  Implementing a positive pay system is an extremely effective way to prevent check fraud.

Get up and running with the simple setup.  Just setup the Interface Type in the selections screen.  Typically, you would use bank that you will be sending the file to for authorization.

Once you have your Interface Type setup you are ready to create the interface file which provides the details for your Positive Pay Export.

Now, all you need to do is select “Run Interface” and your Output file is created.  Send the file to your bank and let the verification process work for you. 

If your bank finds a discrepancy, they will notify you before processing.  Make sure to contact your bank and find out any setup requirements on their end so this process will work for your organization.

* Please note that this functionality was released in Greentree version 4.7.


If you need any assistance with the setup in Greentree, email us at and we can gladly help.

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