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Posted by Jen Bieker on July 16, 2014

Included in the Dynamics CRM Spring `14 Update is a new feature called entitlements.  Entitlements help make managing multiple SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) simple and easy.

What are entitlements?

If you’ve ever tried to manage a support or service center with multiple different levels of SLA’s, you know how difficult it can be to keep on top of each customer’s details, like:

• Support response time guarantee
• Support hours available for use
• Who can request support
• Rules about support request entry

Entitlements give you instant, real-time access to this information, and more, making your support team more responsive and agile.  But the true value in entitlements is that you don’t need a developer to write code to create them! In the past, developers would need to write some code to define the SLA details, apply restrictions, etc. With this new feature from Microsoft, you have a friendly user interface to specify these on your own, without ever touching code.

So, when a customer purchases a new support contract, you can define their entitlements quickly and easily.  Then, when a customer calls in, your service agents can easily see if the customer is eligible for support, if there is any support left, what channel they used to contact your service agents and if that channel is supported under the entitlement (email or phone call).

How does this benefit my organization?

These new customer service features help you build customer loyalty and retain customers for life. Some ideas of how these features can help you:

• Respond quickly to service issues, regardless if they came from phone calls, email, or social media.
• Tie entitlements to service level agreements (SLAs) to provide quality service until a case is resolved.
• See all entitlements for a customer at a glance, and assign entitlements to customers and products automatically.
• Use case timers to track key performance indicators (KPIs) for service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure customer commitments are met.

Let’s show you an example:

A great example from Microsoft, Contoso, the sample Dynamics CRM Company.  They offer different amounts and type of support based off the products and quantities customers purchase. 
So, lets say that a customer buys 500 or more computers.  They are considered a premium customer and get 200 cases per month and those requests can come through any channel:  email, phone calls, and social media.
If a customer buys less than 500 computers, they are considered a standard customer.  Standard customers only receive 100 cases per month and they must be split up:  50 from phone calls and 50 from emails.  There is no support through social media channels for standard customers.

New functionality of entitlements include:

• Allocating how much service an account has
• Specifying how much service an account has based on products purchased
• Specify the contacts within an account that can call in for service
• Specifically limit the contact by different media channels – email, phone, social media
• Create templates for quick setup of these entitlements

Want to know more about entitlements and how to set them up?

Download the Microsoft ebook:  Meet your Service Goals with SLAs and Entitlements from the Crestwood Associates website.

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