Assigning Security Roles in Management Reporter (MR)

Posted by Jen Bieker on May 31, 2016

Are you just setting up Management Reporter for the first time, or adding new users? You will want to learn the basics around security roles.  There are three basic areas for security in MR:

  • Company access: accessed using your Dynamics GP credentials
  • Management Reporter access: controls which functions you can complete
  • Report access: which controls access to the actual reports, folders, and reporting units

Let’s go through some details of each area, and then watch a quick, 6-minute video from a recent Crestwood webinar, and you can see MR security in action.

Company Access

The first step is to specify which companies a user can access, for anyone who will be using the Report Designer. By default, all users are assigned the Viewer role.  Viewers cannot use Report Designer, so if you have users complaining that they are not able to access a Company, you will need to change their role.

When you grant users access to a company in MR, they will then be able to select the company as default in the Report Designer.

Company access also can be controlled by security groups (Management Reporter | Security | Groups) and assigned to the user using the Groups tab.

Note:   As mentioned, if a user is assigned to the Viewer security role, they can’t design reports and won’t need Company Access. The tab won’t appear.

In order to run a report, users will need to enter their GP credentials when accessing that company.

Management Reporter Access

The second layer of security, Management Reporter access, is also set up in MR through Security | Users.

You have 4 different roles to choose from:

  • Viewer—View reports published to the Reports Library
  • Generator—Generate and export reports
  • Designer—Create building blocks (rows, columns, trees and report definitions) as well as generate and view reports
  • Administrator—Complete all activities in Management Reporter

To assign a security role, use the Search button to locate a domain user. Then choose one of the roles from the MR Assigned Role dropdown box.

Report Access

The final element of security is the actual Report Access. You control this access in 3 ways:

  • Building block security – password required for any changes.
  • Reporting tree unit security – restricted access to only the units assigned.
  • Report library security – folder level access.

Note:  As you may imagine, Administrators can see all the reports in the Report Library

Want to walk through the process live?

Take a look at this clip from our recent webinar and see how all the MR security pieces fit together. 

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