Big Savings with New Features in Dynamics SL 2015

Posted by Donna Krizik on October 28, 2014

Save time and money with the latest features in Dynamics SL 2015. With features like single sign-on, ROI/ROI SRS email reporting , and project multi-company features; a mid-sized firm can save anywhere from 4-5 hours  a week across an Accounting department.  This adds up to 200+ hours or 5 weeks of time annually! At an average salary of $55K, that’s over $5,000 of value from FREE new features. 

There are so many new features to talk about but one of my favorites is project multi-company. Many project processes, such as, “Allocations” and the “Indirect Rate Calculator”, were limited to running for one company in Dynamics SL 2011. Now, screens like the allocation processor, are no longer bound to a specific company. You can run allocations and other processes for a specific company or all companies, without having to change companies. What a nice time saver! 

Using project multi-company is a simple tool. Switching between companies requires just one touch. This is done through a simple dropdown menu as shown below.  Even better, now that there are sign-on enhancements, you will only see the companies to which you have access to. No more scrolling through a long list of companies that you don’t need. Just click and switch! 

What about reporting? Project reports now support the Company Selection sorting criteria. You can also run project reports for all or a selection of companies. 

In Dynamics SL 2011, the list of projects would be long and had no information on the company they were associated with. Now, the company related to the project is listed and users only see projects for the company that they have access rights.

Project Multi-company also has the following built in support features:

  • Multi-company module: The multi-company module setup is built into the system. For example, you can have a primary company, Company ABC, and also have subsidiary companies like, Company DEF. This also works for any modules you may be in like Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, etc.
  • Intercompany transactions: This support feature allows you to update project information for one company and it will flow and update from that company to the other subsidiary companies with no problem.
  • One or multiple databases: You also have the option to set up all your companies on one database or have multiple databases for each company. This provides flexibility for you and your company.

Watch this overview video and learn about more exciting features in Dynamics SL 2015. 

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