Can't Run Reports/Print Checks in Dynamics GP 2013 After Upgrade

Posted by Donna Krizik on November 18, 2013

Unhandled Script Exception When Trying to Print Checks in Dynamics GP 2013. Solution found!

When you click Process in the Process Checks Window, you get the following error:
Unhandled script exception:
Illegal address for field "IndexLong" in script 'DD_CreateChkMsgs.'
Script terminated.

We have been in contact with Microsoft's escalation team, they indicate it is a known error in the current Year-End GP 2013 Update. They are working diligently to remedy it, treating it as a high priority fix.

Here is their latest response and their recommended solution:
The current .msp install for the Dynamics GP 2013 Year End Update materials will be replaced in the near future with a new install to bypass this issue going forward.

For now, we recommend the following steps, in order for the customer to complete/process the payroll in the current system.

1. Insure NO USERS are in GP and new backups are in place of the company databases.

2. Locate the Dynamics.dic file in the GP code folder on the PC where you are getting the payroll error from (for example, my location would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2013\Dynamics.dic).

3. Rename the 'Dynamics.dic' to 'Dynamics.old'.

4. In Windows, go to Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a Program (or Add/Remove Programs dependent on your Windows version).

5. Highlight 'Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013' and select 'Change'.

6. From the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 window that populates, select 'Repair' | 'Repair' and run through the resulting wizard. This will recreate the Dynamics.dic file in the code folder to the newer version containing this code change.

7. When completed, launch Dynamics GP Utilities from the same PC and let it complete.

8. Log into Dynamics GP and verify if you get the original error or not.

9. If the process completes successfully, you will want to copy the new Dynamics.dic to the GP code folder of every PC that processes payroll to avoid this error in the future.

If the GP Payroll window still errors in the same manner, please contact us.

Just call 847-394-8820 ext. 7, or email our support desk at and we will be happy to help you.

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