Cash Manager Module Set Up in Dynamics SL 2015

Posted by Donna Krizik on March 25, 2015

Dynamics SL Cash Manager takes the guesswork out of cash accounting with instant access to your cash balance and automatic bank reconciliation. Integrated with Dynamics SL, Cash Manager will automatically update when batches are released by other modules; such as, General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), and Accounts Receivable (AP).  Thus, providing you with the most accurate cash balance in real time.

The main screen in Cash Manager is the “Set Up” screen. This is your starting point and where you begin to customize what you want to flow through Cash Manager. On this screen you will see the following options. Here’s a nice overview of what each of these categories means for your accounting processes in Cash Manager.


  • Retention - this allows you to select how much information you want to retain inside the module and you can set periods, like the average days to clear.
  • Current Period - modules can different period numbers so this will help you figure out where the Cash Manager currently sits. You can also see the last batch number that was used in Cash Manager.
  • Accept Transactions Start Date – the Cash Manager needs to know how far back to look into transactions in the system. Cash Manager monitors all of the activity happening in GL, AR and AP modules and keeps you up to speed on where exactly you stand with cash after all those modules perform their tasks.
  • AR Holdings – this is where you can set up how you want prepayments to flow as they are entered.
  • Options Section: generally all these options are turned on, but you can easily turn them on and off to perform to fit your needs. For example, you can keep “Provide Reconcilement Account”  checked  “on” so that when you reconcile things like a check or a deposit, the Cash Manager will assume you did receive this amount as save you from typing in amounts over and over again.
  • GL Posting Options – pretty self-explanatory, here you have the option to ask for GL data to flow back in detail or in a summary format of entries and put less information into GL.
  • Bank Reconciliation – lastly, you can set up your Cash Manager to show “All” or just the last 30 or 50 items by clicking on the drop down.

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