Change a Group of Assets at Once in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Mike Gordon, CPA, MCP on March 15, 2016

Save time and money by grouping your assets in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Using groups allows you to classify assets by characteristics; which, allows you to perform operations on all the assets in that group at once, such as:

  • Changes
  • Transfers
  • Retiring
  • Depreciate
  • Project depreciation

Once you have an asset group created, we will show you how to apply Mass Changes to all assets at once.

First, Create a Fixed Asset Group:

To build a Fixed Asset Group go under Financial > Transactions > Fixed Assets > Select Assets and click on the button for “New Group”. Give your group a name and click OK.

Now we will find the assets you want to put in this group. 

Select the name of your group in the current group area, so it is selected and active. Then, click on the search icon for search options. 

Now, filter out the assets you want by choosing your search parameters in the field selection dropdown box. There are many options to search on to find your assets.

In this example we are using Asset ID for our search criteria. Next, choose the values for your field selection.

We are going to find assets, where the Asset IDs are between 00006 and 00010. Once you set your criteria, press enter.

Here are all the assets within that range of Asset ID numbers.

To finish, just click on the green OK button at the top.  Now you are ready to use this asset group.


Second, Perform a Mass Change on the Asset Group:

Now that you have your asset group made, you can perform operations easily on all the items in that group.  Here’s how:

Navigate to the Mass Change window. Financial>Transactions>Fixed Assets>Mass Change.

Select your Asset Group in the Mass Change window. At this point, you have many options for changes to your asset group. There are 4 tabs in this window with different options. Simply make a change on one of the screens and then click on “Apply Changes”. 

The General Tab Options:

The Account Tab Options:


The Book Tab Options:


  • You can also use this Mass Change window to open other windows and make changes. 
  • Remember, if you change the cost basis of the asset, the Original Cost Basis field in the Asset Book ITC window will be adjusted by the amount of the change.
  • It’s a good idea to test out Mass Changes in a test company first.

If you have questions about any of these Mass Change settings or need assistance, please contact our support team at

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