Changing Logos in Dynamics GP 2013 Word Templates

Posted by Sean Casey, MCTS on July 25, 2013

Have you ever tried to change a logo in GP Word Templates and the logo would not update?

Well, we have definitely had this issue come across our support desk.  Let’s take a look at what should happen when updating a logo:

1. Normally you would update the logo by navigating to Reports>Template Configuration. Click on images:

2. Highlight the company you are changing the logo and click on the plus button.  Navigate to the logo and click on open.  This will assign the logo to the company.

Now you attempt the template with your newly assigned logo.  You find out it hasn’t changed!  To change it, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Reports>Template Maintenance.  Bring up your modified report and click on modify:

2. This will open the template in Word. You would think, after highlighting the existing logo, you could click on insert, picture in the word ribbon and update the logo.  However I found that this didn’t work. I first had to delete the existing logo and then insert the logo. Click on save, right? No, I found that this didn’t work. So, I clicked on file, save as then navigated to the location of the saved template and saved and replaced it with the existing file name. You should be done, right? You are not. Go back to reports>template maintenance. Highlight the template, click on the plus button. Navigate to the template and highlight it. You will get the following warning:

Click on yes.  Now, try printing your document using GP.  The logo should now be updated.  Smile and grab another cup of coffee…

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