Company Data Archive (CDA) Crestwood Makes It Work for You!

Posted by Mike Giuffre on June 27, 2016

Are your reports getting slower and slower?

Does it take forever to lookup customer information?

Chances are it is time to clean up your database!

It’s easy to get complacent and let your data accumulate in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  In fact that’s a major advantage of having such a powerful ERP solution.  However, over time, we all know there is a price to pay for all that data piling up.  Too much data can interfere with processing speed by slowing down reporting and posting, and increasing the amount of time required to look up information.  Also, did you know that old vendor and customer records are frozen in the system until their transaction records are moved out?

That’s where the Company Data Archive (CDA) from Professional Advantage steps in.  Rather than just deleting old data, CDA can help keep your primary Dynamics GP companies lean and mean by archiving your historical data to a separate company where you can still access the data, but it keeps it out from under your day-to-day processes.

CDA is also reflective of the breadth and capability of the Dynamics GP solution – there are many third party products that enhance and expand the capabilities of Dynamics GP in many different areas.  When you get to the point of needing to archive your Dynamics GP data, CDA will also allow you to archive third party data. 

This is where the expertise of Crestwood Associates comes into play.  Out-of-the-box CDA will archive the data from the standard DYNAMICS GP modules, but Crestwood Associates can help you archive the data from the third party products along with it.

Client Example

We recently had the chance to assist a customer that uses both a third party billing solution and Analytical Accounting, both of which are considered non-standard.  Using the enhanced features of CDA “Plus”, Crestwood was able to assist in archiving the Analytical Accounting data, and pick up the third party billing solution as a separate archive process.

Here is the standard CDA Archive Company Data window.  Notice on the bottom there is an Additional Products area where you see Recurring Billing.  This is the third party data Crestwood was able to enhance CDA to pick up and archive.  Since the Recurring Billing data is not directly tied to the Dynamics GP data, it can be archived separately as needed.

Get the speed back in your system, without losing data.

Talk to Crestwood for more information and pricing on CDA for your business.

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