Consolidating Shipments and Shipping Separately in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on November 10, 2016

Did you know you can save yourself time and money by creating shipments in the Process Orders form in Acumatica?  Quite often, I notice people generally creating shipments using the “Create Shipment” option in the Sales Order form.  However, this action only creates a single shipment for the selected order.  If you use the Process Orders form to ship, you can create consolidated and separate shipments in the system – saving you time and money!  What’s not to like about that.

Here’s How to Ship from the Process Orders Form

First, make sure you have your Order Type settings correct.  The Process Orders form will use the settings in here.  For example, if the Ship Separately checkbox is cleared for the SO order types (Sales Orders), it means you are going to create consolidated shipments using the Process Orders form for the orders from the same customers matching the same order type.

Consolidated Shipments

In this example, I have the Sales Order numbers 000211 and 000212 selected and I’m going to create the shipment in the Process Orders form.  Next, I click on the PROCESS button in the top toolbar.

Once the process concluded, it created the shipment number 000231, which consolidated both orders as shown in the screenshots below.

Separate Shipments

You can also choose to have some shipments created separately (without making any change to the settings).  To ship separately from the Sales Orders form, have the Ship Separately option checked within the Shipping Settings tab for specific orders.

Then, when you process the order(s) in the Process Order form, this particular order will not be consolidated, even if it matches with the others from the same customer.

If you want to set up Acumatica to always have the Shipments created separately, my recommendation is to check the Ship Separately checkbox in the Order Types form.

With this checked, Acumatica will use this setting when processing multiple orders.  Therefore, you will have to do one shipment for each sales order as shown here.

If you have further questions on shipping options in Acumatica, send out team of experts an email at

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