Copy and Paste from Microsoft Excel to Dynamics GP

Posted by Jen Bieker on May 22, 2015

If you are still using Excel spreadsheets for accounting, this new feature might be able to save you some time.  Starting in Dynamics GP 2013 R2, we now have the ability to copy data from our Excel spreadsheet and past it into the GL Transaction Entry window. 

Tip:  this copy and paste will also work from Notepad to Dynamics GP

  1. First you need a 4 column Excel Spreadsheet, with exactly these 4 columns in this order. Description (not required for all rows), Account, Debit, Credit
  2. Select and copy the data under the column headers.  In this example above, the grey area.  You can use CTRL + V or Edit / Copy in your Excel window.
  3. Then move over to Dynamics GP.  Place your cursor in the account number field of the General Ledger (GL) Transaction entry window.  Click on the button at the top – Excel Paste
  4. Next, you will see the data pasted in from Excel.  Save or post as needed or if you get an error, a validation error report is printed.  Fix the spreadsheet and try again.

Give it a try; however, there some considerations worth noting:

  • If the Debit amount on a row is not zero, the Credit Amount on the same row must be zero (and vice versa).
  •  The original file does NOT need to be Excel - it can be a tab-delimited text file like in Notepad, or even a web page, as long as it has the correct columns.
  • An unbalanced journal can be pasted into the Transaction Entry window.
  • Dynamics GP will recognize formulas in the Debit and Credit amounts. They are recognized as static values.
  • As with every distribution window, the full account number is only recognized. Account segments can't be in separate columns, but using the =CONCATENATE function can be used to combine the segments.
  • Unit accounts and amounts can be included.
  • The Excel Paste functionality only works with new journal entries. It is not possible to paste to a saved journal entry.

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