Create a New User in Dynamics SL 2015

Posted by Kami Armes on October 31, 2016

Setting up a new user in Microsoft Dynamics SL isn’t something you do every day.   So, when it comes time, I don’t always remember all the steps involved.   We've created this handy guide for you to keep around for easy, step-by-step directions. 

How to set up a new user in Dynamics SL 2015:

Step 1:  Log into Microsoft Dynamics SL as an administrator, Navigate to Administration —-> System Manager —> Security —> User Maintenance


Step 2:  Complete each line in the User Maintenance Screen (95.260.00).

  • User ID - Distinct to the system. Choose a format that will make it harder to cause duplicates (i.e. JSMITH01).
  • Name – Display full version of the user ID.  It's usually the first and last name.
  • Password – This field can be left blank if using active directory (AD) security. If you populate the field even when using AD, the user will be required to enter the password at login time. This may be preferred for an administrative accounts.
  • Telephone – Enter the user’s telephone number. This field is optional but recommended because it appears on the Active Users screen (98.210.00)
  • Location – Free form entry of where the user resides geographically. This field is optional but recommended because it appears on the Active Users screen (98.210.00)
  • Email Address – Enter the email address. This field is optional but recommended because it appears on the Active Users screen (98.210.00)
  • Windows User Name – Required if using Active Directory (AD). Enter it in the following form:  Domain\ADUserName.
  • Home Page – URL to display the user’s SL home screen.
  • Pick Required Field Color – The color to use for the ring around required text boxes throughout the system.
  • Active Application Server User – Check if the user can submit Application Server requests. Verify that the user has sufficient rights to the Application Server Submit screen (96.020.00)
  • Role – if this user is to be a role, then click this option.  Note: It is more typical that a group would be labeled as a role and users added to the group.
  • Default User - Inactive. Indicates that this user is the default user associated with the AD user.


Step 3:  After completing the info on the Details Tab, the user needs to be assigned to a group.

  • Click on the Groups Tab
  • Click under the Group ID column and press the F3 Key.
  • Customization Group – Identifies a group of users for whom certain customizations apply; must be setup in the Customization Group Maintenance screen (91.270.00)


Step 4:  Group Selection.

  • All users should be a member of the “EVERYONE” group. This allows them to receive all of the menu items that they are entitled to without having to set up a menu in the Menu Maintenance screen.
  • Make sure to add additional groups since the “Everyone” group is for the menu only. It does not provide security.


Step 5:  Save the account.

  • Save will create the account and leave the dialog populated with the new user.
  • Save and Finish will create the account and clear the dialog for another user.


There are times when something doesn't work right.  Just go back and double check your settings.  If you're still having issues or just have some questions, send us an email at and our team of Dynamics SL experts can help you out.

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