Create Consistent and Beautiful Documents with One Simple Click

Posted by Jen Bieker on November 25, 2015

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 there’s no more need to spend your time manually extracting CRM data or going through multiple mail merge steps to create documents, such as:

  • Account Summaries
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Product Sheets

Now, you can create consistent and beautiful documents based on CRM data with one simple click.  With the Dynamics CRM 2016 Document Generation feature, users can easily generate a document from CRM using pre-defined Word and Excel templates.

Authors easily set up and manage their templates using a wizard like flow to build custom templates in Word or Excel. All document templates are role based by entity to ensure users have the proper content to meet their needs.

Let’s Set Up a Template:

Step 1: Go to any CRM entity or into Settings > Templates > Document Templates





Step 2: Click on “New” to download a new blank template.This will be your starting point.




Next, is a screen for more information if you need more help getting started.








Step 3: Choose if you want to create a Word or Excel template.






For Excel, you’ll need to define the main CRM entity and related view:










Also, by selecting a Word template, the Main CRM entity and related entity can be set.
For this example, we are creating a Word template. Next, you will get a file download.This is your base template.






Step 4:  When you open up Word, you’ll need to enable the XML mapping pane under the developer panel to start.




Step 5: Once you’re done editing your template, upload it back into CRM.This will create a “template” entity.











Try it out – generate a document. Go into a related entity, and under the more menu items, choose document template, and select your template.









Once documents are generated, they can be downloaded, printed, shared, emailed, or collaborated on in Microsoft Office 365.

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