Creating a Purchase Order from a Sales Order in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on January 18, 2016

In Acumatica, if you need to create a purchase order to fulfill a sales order, follow the simple steps outlined below:

To begin, you will need to enter the Sales Order form located under Distribution> Sales Orders > Work Area > Enter > Sales Orders.  For this example, we will work in a scenario in which we know that we do not have enough stock to sell the item CPU00006V.

1) Check the “Purchase to Order” box under PO Source.

2) From the Actions menu, select the “Create Purchase Order” option.

3) Immediately, the Create Purchase Orders form will open.

4) Select the appropriate line with its vendor.

5) Click on the “Process” button in the toolbar.

6) You can then receipt the order and release it.

7) This action is going to close the PO.

8) You can now process the Sales Orders and create the shipment followed by the invoice. To do so, go to the Shipment form and pull the Shipment. In the example, we will use shipment 000204.

9) Next, select the “confirm” option from the Actions menu.

10) Once the status is confirmed, go to Actions, and select “Prepare Invoice”.

11) Once the shipment is invoiced, a new Invoice with a balanced status is created, and ready to be released.

12) At this point, invoice status will change to Open and will be ready to be processed in the Accounts Receivable Module.


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Submitted By: Mike Aichinger, Implementation Manager

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