Customizing Acumatica

Posted by Jen Bieker on January 24, 2017

One of the top complaints we see from ERP solution users is that they can't add fields or make small tweaks to forms and windows, or that it is overly complicated to do so.

And we all know how challenging it can be to wait for an overworked IT team to get to in-house requests! This is probably the most compelling reason to use Acumatica. It puts the power to edit in your hands and makes the process easy.

It takes 2 steps to add fields:

  • Create the new field
  • Add it to whatever form you are using

Adding a New Date Field:

As an example, if you start from the Sales Order Screen, click on Customize. Then choose Edit Project, which allows you to give the project a name.  Next, we will add our new date field. 

Once you've named your project, it will open the Customization Project Window, and you can choose Customize Existing Screen. The screen loads and you are allowed to choose where you want to put the new field. Go to the Add Data Fields tab to add your new field. You'll be asked to name it, and then you can choose several setup options for the field, such as, character or string, integers, yes/no, date/time, etc.

When you've finished selecting your options, you are ready to publish! Choose Publish Current Project. You'll see a message that the system is validating your choices, that it has finished successfully, and then it is updating the table and database. Viola! You've created a new field, which you can find under the Custom tab. 

To add your field to the form, you will need to create a control. 

Rick from our team has created a quick how-to video that you can use to finish up your customization project. If you want to skip to the portion for adding the field to the form, it begins at 02:46.  



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