Customizing Microsoft Dynamics GP Reports

Posted by Jen Bieker on May 24, 2016

It’s great that Dynamics GP comes with so many built-in reports, report options, and even report building tools.  But have you ever run into a situation where you hit a wall?  You just can’t seem to get what you want on the report?  It happens to us all. 

That’s where Crestwood can step in.  We have expert report writers who have seen it all and can help quickly to get you the exact reports you need.  And the best part, it usually doesn’t cost as much as you would think.

Client Example:

We had a client who needed a report with the following items and conditions:

  • Single point-in-time date
  • Custom AR Aging report
  • User selects Invoice date or Due date
  • Including project-related invoice information from a 3rd party add-in tool
  • Use Crystal Reports
  • Quick report generation

However, it was difficult for them to get all this together in one report, especially trying to pull in data from a 3rd party tool.

Crestwood Solution:

The Crestwood team did their SQL magic.  Transact SQL to be exact, with built in parameters so that the user could select the required invoice date or due date.  By building this report directly with code and alongside the Dynamics GP company database, the client had a quick running report with all their requirements.                                         

Here’s what one of our Dynamics GP Consultants has to say about this report:

"The beauty of the solution is the underlying Transact-SQL code can be re-used …, for example many customers use SQL Reporting Services for their custom reports.  Because the code that generates the data for the report is Transact-SQL based it offers almost unlimited customization to most any requirements."

Here's a sample of the report – you can see the columns where the SQL code pulled in the related Project information from the 3rd party tool.

Do you have a reporting wish list in your office?  Dust it off and call us - I bet you’ll be surprised at the value of our reporting customization services. 847-232-8206 or

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