Customizing Your Email Messages in Acumatica:

Posted by Mike Aichinger on November 10, 2016

2 Options to Modify Report Notification Messages

One of the great features of Acumatica is the ability to email reports to your customers.  For example:

  • Customer Invoices
  • Sales Orders
  • Shipment Confirmations
  • Purchase Orders

Great!  However, the tricky part is modifying the verbiage in the emails.  In Acumatica, there are two ways to email out a document and each one uses a different notification method.  So, if you want to modify the language in the email along with the report, it can be confusing because you have to get at the right one.

How to Change the Email Message for a Report Notification

First, let’s use the Invoice report as an example.  There are two ways to email an invoice to a customer in Acumatica:

  1. From the toolbar click on Actions > Email Invoice
  2. Or from the toolbar click on Reports > Print Invoice

Each of these methods, Actions to Email Invoice or Reports to Print Invoice (which you can then email out), have separate notification “messages” that you’ll want to modify. This is because in Acumatica, Actions and Reports are separate items.

Actions Email Notification

If you opt to use the Actions > Email Invoice, you’ll see this email template, which accompanies the invoice.

To modify the text of this email, go to Configuration > Email > Notification Templates and edit the email language here. 

Next, you need to go and “apply” this to the Customer Classes screen.  This step tells the Acumatica software to use the template.  Go to Finance > Accounts Receivable > Configuration > Customer Classes and select your template in the Notification Template column.

Once you select your template, you will notice these flow down to the individual Customer Records.

Reports Email Notifications

If you opt to use the Reports > Print Invoice method, you need to modify the email message inside of the actual Report Definition.  Open up the Report and go to Mail Settings under Properties.

When you expand the Mail Settings area, you will see the email text in the “Body” field.  Here is where you can edit the email notification.  I recommend that you match the fields that are in the other option, (the Action Notification Template), so that they are consistent.


What if I Always Want Just One Email Template Used?

If you prefer to always use the same email notification, you will need to use the Report Definition (example above). By removing the notification template references from the Preferences Screen, Acumatica will only use the report language.

The hierarchy for Report Notifications are:

  1. Master Record (Customer or Vendor)
  2. Master Record Class (Customer or Vendor)
  3. Report

Here is a printable PDF of these instructions.  If you have further questions on Acumatica report notifications, email us at 

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