Dated ERP Software Costs You Money

Posted by Ben Kaplan on February 18, 2015

When Dated ERP Software Costs You Money, It’s time for a change

Changing to a new system is a love/hate transaction

Change can be painful. Our sentimentality for treasured objects runs deep and one’s attachment to a business software system is no different.

It’s common for a company’s first major software system to stay in place well beyond its usefulness.

Many companies resist the adoption of a new system for a lot of reasons.

  • Employees become familiar with the system and reject the notion of learning a new system.
  • Owners invested in an expensive system and struggle with the thought of having to pour more money into a new system. 
  • Perhaps there are not any available funds.

But the longer your business resists, the longer your business will suffer.

Dated ERP systems make business operations suffer

Whatever the reason may be, you can be sure your business is suffering operationally and financially in the mean time.

  • Your competitors may also be gaining market share.
  • Customers may take their business elsewhere if they receive sub-optimal service or products.

While companies struggle with an internal debate about the need for modern software, often the result of the debate are manual workarounds that demand more employee hours or third party plug-ins for the antiquated system.

Workarounds and Third-party Plugins are often bandages for a much larger issue

Both options are simply bandages for a much bigger issue. When a company outgrows its existing software platform, it begins to hemorrhage  money until an adequate system is put in place.

Find a new software solution that fits your business needs

If you are feeling the pain of an outdated system, ask Crestwood Associates how new business software can help you. We support a variety of ERP solutions to fit your business. If we don’t have the right solution for your business, you will point you in the right direction for the company that does.

Contact us today to learn more about the best solutions the software industry has to offer!

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