Dexterity Test Mode Lookup Window Error

Posted by Tony Khoury, Senior Consultant on November 1, 2016

I ran across this error the other day when I was in Dexterity Test Mode and opened a lookup window:  Cannot access this form because the dictionary containing it is not loaded.


The problem is that the lookup window is not stored in the Dynamics.dic file.  It's stored in the Smartlist dictionary, which is in a different location.  So, to fix this problem,  you just need to redirect the location of where the lookup file is found.

Here's the quick fix:

This example shows you how to fix this issue for the Vendor Master Lookup.

  1. Navigate to Tools / Setup / System / Alternate / Modified Forms and Reports.
  2. Select the correct ID
    Note: For this example I am using DEFAULTUSER, but I recommend you create a development user for testing purposes.
  3. Select Windows for the Type 
  4. Select Purchasing as the Series
  5. Open up the Purchasing folder and expand the Vendors item
  6. Select the dictionary that you have open. (see the blue arrow)
  7. Save

That's it!  The problem is fixed.  Go ahead an test your lookup again.  It should pop right open this time. 

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