Don't Trash Excel When Implementing ERP Solutions

Posted by Ben Kaplan on January 22, 2015

Excel workbooks still have a lot to offer your organization after an ERP implementation

We have seen countless imaginative and well executed Excel workbooks created by our clients over the years. We know how much effort it takes to create theses Microsoft masterpieces and it would be a colossal waste to send them to the Recycle Bin.

Yes, ERP solutions can make functions in Excel workbooks obsolete. However, in many cases the Excel workbook may provide a niche solution that no ERP platform can replicate.

Your niche Excel workbook solution can provide a powerful competitive advantage

For example, First Nonprofit Group, a provider of insurance and financial services to nonprofit organizations, had once needed to dedicate 6 weeks to prepare and complete their annual invoicing process. The arduous task required four staff members to focus their attention on invoicing for over a month instead of working on other important initiatives.

According to Cecilia Piazza, Vice President of Member Services, integrating their Excel workbooks with the Greentree ERP solution has,

"Integrating Excel workbooks with ur Greentree ERP solution has greatly sped up things. We can get our staff back into processing their normal daily tasks. We are a small team, it has allowed us to keep our staffing lean."

Excel Workborks + ERP can keep your business efficiient

Small teams need to work smart and stay efficient in order to stay competitive. First Nonprofit Group now completes their annual invoicing preparation in 5 business days instead of 6 weeks. Their success highlights our commitment to clients to find the right solution that positions their organization for sustainable growth. Before we integrated First Nonprofit Group’s Excel workbooks with the Greentree ERP Solution, they maintained a portfolio of 500 accounts. Today, they provide services to over 1,100 clients with only marginal staffing increases.

Read the case study on First Nonprofit Group’s successful Excel/ERP integration.

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