DSLUG Goes Paperless

Posted by Christine Jacob, Client Account Manager on October 4, 2016

If you weren’t planning on going paperless before attending the Dynamics SL User Group (DSLUG), you are now!  There were so many informative sessions, but going paperless was predominant. Several document management solution options were presented at the conference including PaperSave, PN3, MetaFile, ImageLink, and KwikTag.  All were well presented and effective solutions.  So how do you choose?

So here is my advice on picking the best solution for your business.


While some companies need a full blown document imaging system, other companies simply want to automate Accounts Payable.  So before you ask what solution is the best, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What group in my organization handles/produces the most amount of paper?
  • How much is paper handling and storage costing my organization?
  • What group in your organization will most likely use the technology?
  • What problem do you absolutely need to solve?

Close your eyes and image what your daily operations would look like if you were paperless.  Now open your eyes and snap back into reality.  Start by clearly defining what you need. Don’t be distracted by “shiny” features that would be nice to have but are not critical to reducing your overall cost of doing business.   

Work with your Client Account Manager to document your needs.  That document can then be shared with the various solution providers so you don’t waste time exploring solutions that are technically strong but functionally won’t give you what you need. Most of my clients would agree that Accounts Payable is likely the most time consuming and the least “tree friendly” part of their business. 



I know this sounds so basic, but know your budget.  Don’t have one?  Then know that you are going to see solutions that run from $6,500 to $65,000 or more.   You could fall in love with a full document imaging solution with OCR technology and full text search capabilities for every part of your organization and then fall off your chair when you see the price.  Trust me.  None of us want to be in that situation. 

Be Realistic

On the flip side, set your budget expectations correctly.  If you need workflow, process automation, and all the other power features, be in it for the long haul.  Expect that you could even pay close to $100,000 to get everything you need.   Also the return on your investment could take 1-2 years, but will more than make up for itself down the line.

Many solutions offer licensing options including ownership (Perpetual), leasing on your own servers, and subscription (Software as a Service).  



Yes, this is a shameless plug, but your Partner should provide you with a Client Account Manager (CAM) whose job includes staying informed of the ISV solutions in the market place.  This includes knowing the solution market place of features, licensing options, and who are the leaders in service and support excellence. 

The point is that you don’t have to go it alone.  A good CAM is someone that is invested in your successful use of your Dynamics SL Solution (or other Dynamics Solutions). 

We can help you navigate your solution options, contact Crestwood Support at Support@Crestwood.com.

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