Dynamics CRM 2013 and Parature - A Wave of Innovation

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 28, 2014

Microsoft has recently announced its acquisition of Parature, a cloud-based customer service software vendor, which will extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM to include robust case management, chat and social functionality.

Fills a Definite Need
This acquisition will put Dynamics CRM above all the competition in customer care. In joining Dynamics CRM and Parature tools, Microsoft developed a new application called the Unified Service Desk.  This application is geared at call centers as it automates repetitive tasks, allowing agents to better handle multiple interactions and functions, thus creating a smoother experience for the customer.  For example, the agent no longer has to click on multiple tabs or jump from screen to screen to get the information needed.

Parature’s features, which work on virtually any device a customer chooses to use, not only increases customer satisfaction but can create new, revenue-generating opportunities for the business.

Key Benefits:
• Customizable customer portal – which offers a world class self-service knowledgebase and ticket management system, allowing your customers to get answers anytime, from anywhere with round-the-clock professional online customer support
• Support chat gives your customers one more avenue to reach you real-time, “in person”
• Reporting tools providing real-time information – gives you a live, 360 degree view of your organization’s effectiveness to allow you to make informed decisions and adjust proactively to improve effectiveness
• Social customer service tools, such as a Facebook portal, lets you connect with your customers where they are, instead of making them find you

These features provide service that revolves around your customers, whether live or self-serve. 

Why Self-Service Options Matter

More and more, customers are using self-service tools, rather than interacting with call center or other support agents. Why? Because we work in an extended environment, no longer is a work day just 9-5, and often the best  time to catch up on critical tasks is after hours, early morning, or on weekends when typical methods of support and interaction may not be available.

Adding these self-service capabilities will help organizations increase their customer satisfaction levels. 

Access from Anywhere

In today’s world of technology, people are more connected and better informed than ever.  Cutting edge CRM software needs to allow customers to connect on their own terms, using whatever device and whatever channel they want, from mobile devices, to chat and video chat services, and everything in between.

What’s Next?

Microsoft's Bill Patterson, who is in the process of transitioning to a leadership role with the Parature team, says to watch for upcoming releases of both CRM Online and CRM 2013 on premise in Q2 2014 – these updates will be a “wave of innovation”. 

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