Dynamics CRM 2013 Freebies!

Posted by Donna Krizik on January 23, 2014

Did you know that Dynamics CRM Online 2013 offers free non-production instances and free storage? Well, now you do!

All cloud-based CRM customers that include 25 or more USLs (User Subscription Licenses) receive a free subscription to non-production instances which are basically add-on instances that are separate from your production instances. For example, if your IT team needed to write, test or deploy customizations, they can do so without the fear of hindering any of your live CRM data. It also serves for doing all your internal training agian, allowing you to work and not affect any of your live data. 

Non-production instances are much more reasonable when it comes to pricing. Non-production instances typically cost $150 versus production instances that are in the mid $500.00 range. But now, it’s FREE! If you are in need of additional instances that are not part of the “free subscription” you may purchase those at full cost.

How will you know when you have your free subscription? Once you have been granted your free subscription, a message will appear just below the Dynamics CRM menu bar as you see highlighted in yellow below.

Let’s not forget about the free storage you will receive. For every 20 professional USLs, you will receive 2.5GB of storage until you reach the maximum storage of 50GB. Not bad, huh?

To learn more about these CRM freebies visit the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team blog here.

NOTE: These subscriptions are not offered to those working with Dynamics CRM 2011. If you would like to learn if Dynamics CRM 2013 is for you and your company,  please contact Tim Thompson at tthompson@crestwood.com.  

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