Dynamics CRM 2015 - Available for the Holidays!

Posted by Jen Bieker on December 3, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Corporate VP, Bob Stutz, gave us CRM users a great holiday gift – he announced the general availability of CRM 2015!   

Reasons to Upgrade

Dynamics CRM 2015 has made advancements in bringing together sales and marketing roles.  There is now a sales collaboration panel to help deliver more personalized customer experiences.  This panel integrates the marketing efforts with the sales process by giving the sales team visibility into marketing campaign activities and control over communications targeting their customers.

As for marketing enhancements, I’m most excited for the interactive marketing calendar, the click-to-call Lync feature, and the ability to schedule and track webinars within Dynamics CRM 2015.  Additionally, marketing now will have the ability to streamline campaigns, improve segmentation with graphical email editing, testing options, integrated offers, and approval workflows.

If that’s not enough to entice you to upgrade – how about Cortana?  Dynamics CRM 2015 also introduces the latest voice-enabled experience.  Read more on Cortana here.

Look at this list of enhancements and feature in Dynamics CRM 2015:

• New Email Editor
• Campaign Management Console
• Integrated Social Listening
• Sales Collaboration
• B2B Marketing Enhancements
• Marketing Resource Management
• Internal Process Automation
• Geographical Expansion
• Guided Sales Process Improvements
• Product Families:
      – bundles, cross-sell & up-sell with related products
• Sales Hierarchies
• Tablet Enhancements
• Customer Service Improvements
• Case Management Additions
• Search Enhancements
• CRM and Outlook Synchronization Additions
• New Configuration Wizard
• Platform Improvements:
          o Business Rules, Business Process Flows,
                   Calculated Fields, Rollup Fields
          o Field Level Security, Compatibility

Find out more!  Download the Free Dynamics CRM 2015 Release Preview Guide

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