Dynamics CRM 2015 Brings on True Mobility

Posted by Jen Bieker on December 3, 2014

Cortana gives Dynamics CRM 2015 a voice and ears!

Staying competitive while on the go is something we’ve probably had experience with.  However, did you ever forget to respond to an email or to schedule a follow up because you were in the car and couldn’t type? 

Well, meet your new, on the go, digital assistant for Dynamics CRM 2015, Cortana.  She can do the work for you with voice commands.  With a Windows 8.1 Phone and Dynamics CRM 2015, you can literally talk to your Customer Relationship Management suite.

Some of the great things you can do with Cortana and voice commands:

• Search for Contacts
• View Customer Lists
• Find Accounts
• Look for Activities
• Set up Meetings, Tasks, & Reminders
• Create New Customer Records


So you’re in the car, get a phone call regarding an opportunity and want to create a reminder for yourself to follow up on it.  Just tell Cortana to set a reminder and it’s done.  No scribbling on the back of an envelope, or pulling over on the freeway to set a reminder.

Stay competitive with Dynamics CRM 2015 and Cortana, no matter where or what you are doing – even while on the road or walking down the hallway.

Watch this great 2 minute video with Fred Studer, GM Microsoft Dynamics

Want to know more?  Contact Crestwood Associates to get in on Dynamics CRM 2015 with Cortana.

Check out this list of Voice Commands Cortana can do for you in Dynamics CRM 2015

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