Dynamics CRM Online 2013 Rollout Has Begun

Posted by Donna Krizik on October 8, 2013

Microsoft announced last week that the staged rollout of Dynamics CRM Online service is in progress.

Dynamics CRM Online 2013, codenamed "Orion" went live last week in Microsoft's Asia Pacific data centers. As of Monday, October 7th, it's now live in the European and African data centers as well. It will roll out in the Americas later this week, according to Dynamics resources.

If you are looking for the on-premises version of CRM 2013, you’ll be stuck waiting until the end of this month (fingers crossed).  Since both versions (online and on-premises) are not releasing simultaneously, there are a few components of the CRM service that aren't fully operational right now, like the CRM for Outlook piece. The Windows 8 and iPad companion apps are not available yet either.  We anticipate those will be ready at the same time as the on-premise release.

I don’t know about you, but we have been anxiously awaiting these releases, because we are very excited about the new features.  From the new touch interface (no more Ribbon), clearer navigation in general (no more fumbling around), to the integration of Yammer and Skype, it all sound like a get-it-done application finally.

If you are like us, and want to get more details 1) Stay tuned to our blog, and 2) Check out the CRM Release Preview Guide.

In the Preview Guide, Microsoft touts how, “…Dynamics CRM allows you to view everything you need in one spot – fast and fluid, and relevant to the work at hand. No pop-ups. No flipping from one application to the next. What you need, where you need it. Get in, get going and get done.”

Need we say more?

PS – If you’d like to see the real deal, we can set you up with a fast and easy free 30-day trial.  Just contact Crestwood customer care here.

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