Dynamics GP – Cannot Change the PURCH Account

Posted by Mike Gordon, CPA, MCP on November 2, 2016

I recently had a client encounter the following error while entering a Receipt against the Purchase Order in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The error message stated, “You cannot change the PURCH account at the summary level.  Change the inventory account for the line item instead.”

Why Not?

The reason why you cannot change the PURCH type distribution account at the summary level is because the Inventory is updated with the detail / line item information and the General Ledger is updated with the summary information.   So, if you changed the account at the summary level, the GL would be updated with the account that was changed at the summary level; however, the Inventory would be updated with the account still assigned at the line Item level. 

That would be a problem.  You wouldn’t’ be able to reconcile Inventory with the GL. In order for Inventory to reconcile with the GL, the PURCH type distribution account needs to be changed at the line Item level so both the Inventory and GL are being updated with the same account.

Therefore, if you need to change the PURCH account, you need to do so at the line item level.  Take a look at the following example:

Example Scenario

Enter a Purchase Order

Review the Purchase Distribution.  Note that the 01 location on the PURCH account distribution line.

Enter a Receipt against the Purchase Order.

Click on the distributions button

This brings up the PO receipt distribution

Try and change the Purchase Distribution location to 02.

You will receive the following message. 

In order to change the PURCH account, you will need to access the Receiving Item Detail. 

Highlight the Item Line as below and click on the item expansion arrow.

This will bring up the Receiving Items Detail Entry window

Note the Inventory Account above.

Change the Inventory Account to location 02 as below

You will receive the following message

Click Yes

Next go back to the receiving screen

Click on the distribution button

You will now see the distribution has changed.

If you have further questions, just send our team of Dynamics GP experts an email at Support@Crestwood.com.

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